Playground 2 - Smart Kids Edition

Rating Playground 2 - Smart Kids Edition - 4 out of 5 - Good Rating 4.0

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  • age 5+
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About Playground 2 - Smart Kids Edition

A high quality app that is great value for money. Children will be entertained independently with this app, so parents can catch up with day to day living in the confidence that this app also uses safety controls so that guardians can monitor their kids’ usage. This is an app that has reached a 4 star recommendation status.

Playground 2 - Smart Kids Edition Review

As with the Playground 1 app this is apps’ visual styling has been executed tremendously! The app has been devised into 6 different games, within which children will build and learn skills that will test their memory, recognition, motor skills, concentration, and logic. The app collects no data, it contains no adverts, no information is passed on to third parties, no internet connection is required to use the app (which prevents children from accidentally going to other websites) and, all the external links are protected so this really is an app which parents can let their children have total free range over.

Playground 1 featured a wonderful feature whereby parents can restrict the time usage spent in app, we are really happy to see this is a feature that has been carried across to playground 2. “Colour code”, our favourite game (although hard to pick just one) really tested the capabilities of Childs logic skills and proved that with reason and patients the mystery could be solved. This particular game has two setting one for “beginner” and one for “Pro” the idea of this game is to guess the correct colour code through feedback and trial and error. If any of you have played mastermind the board game, this is the digital equivalent without the missing pieces stuck down the back of the sofa.

Within the numbers section the app actually host’s three games here, each themed around developing learners number recognition and one which is also developed to assist motor skills. The game that uses dominos as its object for recognition features 4 different levels of difficulty, the user is required to drag the appropriate numerical value on top of the corresponding domino. We felt that this game was quite repetitive which is not always a bad thing for developing and affirming new skills, however is some form of positive verbal feedback was incorporated users would feel more compelled to progress through the game. Once level one has been completed the app automatically progresses to the next level, we feel this is another area of this particular game where more positive encouragement would promote engagement with the application. This app does use the collection of stars through each game as a form of motivation however we found that this did not equate to any other form of award i.e 50 starts collected = level 1 achieved.

While the majority of this application can be user by the learner without assistance, the “mills” game in this application we found particularly challenging. Based on the traditional board game which some may know better as “Nine Men’s Morris” we feel this app might be a little too complex based on the difficulty level of the other 5 apps it is bundled with – although we do appreciate this app is called the “Smart Kids Edition”.

The kinaesthetic quality to the writing game is brilliant as it shows number formations in step by step strokes, brilliant for those learning to write as this feature can be disabled as your child progress with their writing ability. We have awarded this app 4star certification.

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Cognitive Development
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Jan Essig

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