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Bright & Colorful touch sensitive piano. Fun sounds to play, great for all ages.

See why kids all over the world are falling in love with the Playful Piano!

* Grand Piano
* Electric Piano
* Vibraphone
* Harpsichord
* Synthi Synth

The Piano of Playfulness is a vibrant instrument fun for all ages!

Enjoy pressure sensitive keys. Tap gently for soft notes, and tap firmly for bright notes! The cute furble moshi monsters jump in response as you tap. The harder you tap, the higher they jump!

Each key is colored and has cute monster minion who jumps for joy and blurts out the note played. The note bounces around with real physics!

Do you like to doodle with music? How about poke monsters? Would you enjoy playing a song for a friend? Draw notes with your finger, share a performance with a buddy, sing in the clouds.

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