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« Playing with art? A marvellous idea: hopefully the app will find its way into a few schoolrooms as well as the iPads of art-loving parents. »

Play, learn and create your masterpiece with elements taken from the original works of five important painters: Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Cézanne, Claude Monet, Henri Rousseau e Paul Klee.

Recreate the original painting or have fun composing your own work of art, just free the artist in you!

PlayART is an educational tool which introduces children and grown-ups to the world of art in an enjoyable, stimulating and innovative way.

★ Featured among the new and notable apps on THE GUARDIAN online, 3 July 2012 ★


✎ Move, rotate resize, duplicate and arrange the elements however you like to create your artwork
✎ Select elements as your “favorites” to create a new style and combine the art of the five artists.
✎ Save your pinting in the “My Musem” gallery with a title and your name.
✎ Share your creations through Facebook or the iPad photo album.
✎ Edit your saved paintings.
✎ Protect little ones by disabling the Facebook button in the iPad settings.


✎ Over 100 elements and 25 canvasses from the original paintings of Van Gogh, Cézanne, Monet, Rousseau e Klee.
✎ Five videos on the five artists’s lives with fun animated drawings, narrated entirely by children
✎ An “Artists’ Museum” gallery showcasing a selction of the 30 paintings from the artists and the museum where they are on display.
✎ Sound effects and original music composed specifically for PlayART by the band La Metralli.

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Cognitive Development
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