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About Play and Learn Science

Play and Learn Science is a free, PBS Kids-created app with games and tips that help kids and parents explore basic earth science, physical science, and life science topics. The 12 interactive games can be played in English or Spanish. Games feature common science-related phenomena in light (shadows), physics (inclined planes), the study of nature (weather), and more.  

Play and Learn Science Review

The Play & Learn Science introduces foundational science concepts and science and engineering practices through five distinct sets of activities: Water Games, Ramp and Roll, Shadow Play, Weather Control, and Gear Up. Each activity set includes three digital games and a designated parent page that incorporates suggestions for supporting their children’s game play (Tips) and their related real-world explorations (Activities).

Play and Learn Science is the companion app that focuses on the outdoors. Both apps also include more than 100 stickers in a “free play” area on the app. And the ideas on both are updated regularly to provide you with new ways to get engaged and keep your kids busy learning. 

What do we like about Play and Learn Science?

The 12 interactive games are available in two languages: English and Spanish. Light -shadows, physics-inclined planes, the study of nature -weather, and other science-related phenomena are featured in games. In-app ideas for extra real-world, parent-child activities relating to the same science concepts can help parents transfer learning offscreen. For kids to express themselves, there is a sticker and drawing page. 

What skills does it improve?

Play & Learn Science is a fun app for kids that teaches some basic scientific ideas while being simple to use. The majority of the time, children tap on various things, slide dials up and down with their fingers, or alter the height of ramps and other objects by pressing up or down. Children will learn about cause and effect, friction, shadows as a result of a light source being blocked, how the weather affects our decisions and the surroundings, and how liquid moves through play.

What age is it appropriate for?

Play and Learn Science is appropriate for all ages. Because of the online connectivity and advertising, parental supervision is recommended for children under the age of eight.

Is Play and Learn Science free?

The play and Learn app are available free of cost and is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Is Play and Learn Science easy to use?

First, tap PLAY AND LEARN SCIENCE. Parents can learn how to explore activities with their children and how to learn more in the real world. Swipe right or left to see all of the activity categories, such as ramp and roll, gear up, shadow play, or weather control, and then tap on one. Tap, for example. Read the temperature and follow the verbal instructions to test one of three different thermometers. The game's voiceover explains how to read a thermometer. There's also a sticker page where kids may use stickers and sketch things to create a scenario.

How will students benefit?

Preschoolers have a lot to discover about the world around them, and this app can help them get started. Many children will recognise the app's PBS-style charming characters and non-frantic animation style, while parents will appreciate the high-quality content provided by PBS Kids. Preschoolers will love Play and Learn Science, a fantastic first science app.

How will teachers benefit?

It's incredible that it's free considering how many features it contains. The activities are a lot of fun and informative, and they introduce a lot of useful themes while also documenting your child's progress in the journal part so that parents and teachers can keep track of their growth. This app has a year's worth of science lessons as well as a lot of entertainment.

How will parents benefit?

Parents should be aware that Play and Learn Science is a free PBS Kids app that includes games and suggestions to help kids and parents learn about basic earth science, physical science, and life science concepts.

What can Play and Learn Science improve on?

The opening screen features an advertisement for the developer's other programmes.

Final thoughts

Play and Learn Science helps in learning through play Balls rolling, temperatures increasing and decreasing, and shadows developing are just some of the everyday science phenomena covered in Science games. Then, with the support of the parent guidelines and activity suggestions, the learning continues.

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