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About Play:Adding

The application Play:Adding is a mathematical game that teaches your child to add and subtract. This application is rich with features that include gameplay levels, badge rewards and the ability to monitor learning progression. Play:Adding is free to download and is available for iOS and Windows platforms. The application is suitable for ages 5 to 8 (according to the Appstore) and is free from in-app adverts and in-app purchases.

Play:Adding Review

About Play:Adding

Play:Adding is a fun, educational game that teaches your child to add and subtract. The game comprises of thirteen levels that need to be completed using a cute animal avatar.

Each level descriptor can be seen in the ‘Settings’ option they are content and age-relevant.

The application tracks the child’s progress as well as providing feedback and rewards.

Teacher Review

It is great to see that the developers have made some fantastic improvements to this application.

After the opening splash screen, the user is shown 13 levels they must work through. The ‘Settings’ option in the bottom right of the screen offers many key features:

Child’s Progress – Here the child, parent or teacher can see the progress of the user. The level displays the number of correct answers as well as question attempts. A powerful tool to monitor progress.

Level Descriptors – A mathematical description of each of the levels and what the level focuses on.

Music and Sound – This can be turned on and off.

Avatar Icon – This allows the child to choose from a series of cute avatars such as a panda, bear, lion or a leopard.

User Guide – A much-welcomed feature that explains how the application works using annotated screenshots.

Starting at Level 1 the user enters a delightful animated screen. Displayed top left are the options to return to the ‘Home Screen’. Top right displays the ‘Lives’ the user has left, a ‘Countdown timer’, ‘completed platforms required’ and ‘Runs completed’. Pressing the instructions at the bottom, whether it is a ‘+’ or a ‘-', will move the character accordingly to the next platform. The developers have thought carefully about the characters movements. If a ‘+’ is required, the character will move ‘up’ to the next platform and if a ‘-’, is required the character will move down. This helps visually with mathematics too. The graphics are stunning and will appeal to children of all ages, the character and platforms run smoothly.

If a correct answer is given from the options, the character will move accordingly. If an incorrect answer is given a life is used and the character remains on the platform. The application will then explain the answer using a number line, a start and end value and a moving slider to demonstrate the sum. We found this a great visual way to explain the answer. It is noted that number squares are introduced from level 5 onwards. This gives the child the choice of using a number line or a number square to help them work out an answer. 

The character can also receive a boost during the game up to the next platform. Too many incorrect answers will result in the game ending, this also happens if the timer runs out.

What skills does it improve?

The application works on a number of mathematical skills. These include:

•           Addition up to 10.

•           Addition between 10 and 20.

•           Subtraction between 10 and 0.

•           Subtraction between 10 and 20.

•           Add or subtract two-digit number up to 20.

•           Adding in 2’s and 4’s up to 40.

•           Count in tens up to 100.

•           Add and subtract one-digit numbers and tens up to 100.

•           Count in 3’s and 6’s up to 60.

•           Count in 4’s and 8’s up to 80.

•           Add and subtract two- and one-digit numbers up to 100.

•           Add and subtract any number up to 100.

The application also improves the speed of an answer due to the timer, number recognition skills and fine motor skills.

Is Play:Adding app easy to use?

Parents will be delighted to know that the user can play the application unsupported after an initial demonstration. The gameplay is intuitive, easy to navigate due to the limited menu system and graphics and text as easy on the eye.

How will parents benefit?

Parents can have peace of mind that the application is focusing on the key elements of addition and subtraction. Although the application is in a gameplay format parents will be pleased to know that their child will be making rapid mathematical progress too.

How will teachers benefit?

The application will allow for competition within the classroom as a student can choose different avatars where the child’s progress can be seen clearly by the teacher. Teachers will be delighted to know that the user can play the application unsupported after an initial demonstration.

How will the user benefit?

It’s great fun! Our users benefitted from improving their addition and subtraction knowledge. They certainly got faster at answering the questions and confidence improved when increasing from one-digit numbers to two-digit numbers.

What we love about the Play:Adding app

Sometimes maths applications can be over complicated. Play:Adding has been designed with a younger target audience in mind. The application is uncomplicated but at the same time adds great educational value. We loved the fact we can change character avatars and the reward system works very well.

What the Play:Adding app could improve on?

The application has made some great improvements recently and the developers could consider the following to make this experience even better?

•           The ability for the user to change the backgrounds on the game would be a nice feature along with further avatars.

•           The developers may consider different star reward values. It seems that one star is all the user can achieve. The developers may want to consider 1,2 or 3 stars depending on the percentage the level scores.

•           Sometimes the character is forwarded to the next platform. Maybe the developer could add a boost icon or a spring so this has some more meaning?

•           The developers could consider Levels 7 and 13 to be already unlocked. This would enable the user to try the difficulty of the levels or to start at an advanced stage rather than the beginning.


How much does Play:Adding cost?

This application is currently free to download!

Is Play:Adding safe to use?

Yes. It was refreshing to see an application that doesn’t require and account or email to start with. Parental controls are not required as there are no in-app purchases and the contents are child friendly.

Overall Rating of the application

We enjoyed playing this application. The application covers a range of mathematical challenges exploring addition and subtraction. This application comes highly recommended by the

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Download Play:Adding

You can download Play:Adding on your Windows devices from the Windows Store.

Download Play:Addingfor Windows

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