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From the Developer

Have you ever stood in your garden and thought: ‘I wonder what I could grow under that tree’, or ‘on that wall’.

Help is at hand. Or to be precise: in the palm of your hand.

Plant Genie is an app that is able to identify what plants will grow best in any spot in your garden.
It works by mapping your precise position and correlating it with your soil type (as identified by the National Soil Resources Institute).

It also knows which way you are facing (North, South, east or West). All you have to do is tell it whether you have a shady or sunny position.

Then, with one touch, it will allow you to choose from thousands of lovely plants from Crocus.
Narrow your selection by type of plant (climber/shrub) or colour and then buy what you want.
And make all your garden dreams come true.

Plant Genie
A touch of garden magic from Crocus

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