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  • Android, iPad, iPhone
  • Free
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About Planboard

Planboard is becoming an increasingly popular way for educators to plan lessons. The key to its success is how easy it is to use. 

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You can plan out lessons in a calendar style, building lesson templates that you can use again and again, further reducing you prep time. You can add standards sets that allow you to monitor progression, and plans can easily be shared with colleagues.

Plus, with the ability to attach videos and photos that you can then use in lessons, Planboard is not just one of the best apps for lesson planning available – it’s one of the best apps for teachers you’re likely to find.

Teachers can use this app as their primary lesson planning tool. That way, after having written all their lesson plans into this app, they will be able to view their lessons on the app while they teach. In addition, once having taught the lesson, teachers can go back into the lesson and make any revisions or edits based on their teaching of it and then save them. By doing so, teachers will have an updated lesson that they can use.

The app – available on your iPhone, iPad or your computer and therefore accessible from almost anywhere – allows you to reduce the time taken to organise lessons and the school week as a whole.

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Android, iPad, iPhone




Organisational and Productivity Skills


In-App Purchases - No

In-App Advertising - No

Publisher Education Inc.

Download Planboard - Free Lesson Planner for Teachers

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  • Planboard - Free Lesson Planner for TeachersPlanboard - Free Lesson Planner for TeachersPlanboard - Free Lesson Planner for TeachersPlanboard - Free Lesson Planner for TeachersPlanboard - Free Lesson Planner for Teachers


Plan lessons in an easy to use editor with curriculum standards and attachments. Planboard organizes your lessons, subjects, and semesters in a beautiful timetable that is with you everywhere.

Join over 250,000 teachers around the world who are already using Planboard to cut down their classroom prep time and spend more time with students!

Planboard Features

  • 100% Free for Teachers!
  • Create, Edit, and View lesson plans
  • Take Photos and Save into lesson plans
  • Organize your Timetable, Subjects, and Semesters
  • Manage curriculum standards
  • Sync lessons to
  • Fast and easy to get set up

The team can be reached anytime by email or during the day by chat to assist you with getting the most out of Planboard.

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