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Place Value Chart

  • iPad, iPhone
  • Free
  • age 7+

About Place Value Chart

This simple but useful app is permanently free. It shows a chart with three columns representing the hundreds, tens, and units columns. Tapping each one adds a counter to represent numbers. 

Teacher Review

A really nice touch is that it emphasises how increases in one column eventually lead to a tick up in the one to the left. An animation of the counters leaving the original column and making up a counter in the one to the left is very effective at representing what is actually happening.

The app is open-ended without any game-like aspects so it is best used by a parent and child together. The parent can set challenges and prompt thinking. This app has more options than you might at first think as they are set within your device’s settings page rather than in the app itself. Look in the general settings for the app’s name.

Visit the app’s web page for a useful support document. This suggests activities and gives tips on how to use the app in teaching.

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iPad, iPhone





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Ulrich Kortenkamp

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  • Place Value ChartPlace Value ChartPlace Value ChartPlace Value ChartPlace Value ChartPlace Value ChartPlace Value ChartPlace Value Chart


Experience grouping and ungrouping in our decimal number system with this interactive place value chart.

Touch the chart to create tokens and move them around with your finger. Is this always possible?

Remove tokens by moving them to the top of the chart. Shake your iPad or iPhone to remove all of them.

Some activities supported by this place value chart:
- How can you create large numbers using the least number of tokens?
- How can you remove tokens quickly without shaking the device?
- What happens if a token is moved from the hundreds to the ones? And what happens if you first move it to the tens place and then to the ones?

This brand new version features new options to show totals, both as a number and in written english. Furthermore it is possible to use it for decimal fractions.

The educational design of this interactive place value chart has been developed by Prof. Ulrich Kortenkamp (Didactics of Mathematics, University of Potsdam, Germany) and Prof. Silke Ladel (Didactics of Primary Education, Mathematics, Saarland University, Germany). It supports the development of mental concepts for place values in decimal systems and targets elementary and primary and lower secondary education.

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