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Teacher Overview

Pixton EDU is an interactive platform for creating comic book storyboards using avatars, backgrounds, text and themes to be shared within the classroom. Pixton is a popular comic maker and storyboard creator for teachers and students.

The application is free and includes in-app purchases for extra themes and content. The application is free from in-app adverts and the software, we believe, is suitable for students aged 7 years and above. Pixton is accessible through any web browser and can be accessed on phones, tablets, and computers.

Teacher Review

Pixton is very easy to use. Pixton offers a free app for smartphone or tablet use. After signing up to Pixton using a standard email the user is given the option to create their avatar. This could be a teacher wishing to create an avatar for a classroom scenario or an individual student wishing to create an avatar to add to the group. As a teacher, a class name is required. Students can be invited to the class via their Google accounts or by a simple link.

Pixton encourages a lot of creativity. The avatar creation is great fun and several options include; Skin tone, hair colour, hairstyle, eye colour, nose shape, facial details, expressions, height pose, outfits and more. Once the avatar has been created there is an option to download a headshot or a full-body graphic. This could be ideal for printing and displaying characters within a classroom. The developers may want to consider a full headshot rather than one that cuts off slightly at the top. 

The avatar is added to the class photo where you can also see other avatar members of the group. We enjoyed the 'quick start' activity and this is an excellent starting point for all students wishing to familiarise themselves with the platform and technology. The 'quick start' activity asked students to design a 3 panelled comic book storyboard describing three things they love to do (#bucketlist). The video tutorial in this section is really helpful and explains the platform in simple terms to enable users to gain confidence. Students can use the hashtag label to search for other items linked to the activity. 

The main area for the user is called ‘My Dashboard’. Here the user can see ‘My classrooms’ created, ‘My comics’ created and ‘My content packs’ purchased. The ‘Content packs’ can be purchased via the ‘Shop’ icon in the top left along with options to change your avatar and ‘settings’. The ‘Question’ icon provides extensive support for the platform in the ‘Pixton Help Centre’. The ‘My Classroom’ option displays classes already created. Here students can be added via a link or by manual search. You can also leave a message to Pixton via the chat icon in the bottom right.

Once the user enters the ‘New comic book’ platform they are given many options. These include; Backgrounds, characters (these can be characters from a class or a new character), Zoom view, words, faces, poses and effects. The platform is beautifully presented and very easy to navigate. All changes and features can be seen in the comic book window panel on the right. Extra panels can be added via the left-hand option and the full comic can be seen by using the second icon in the bottom left. The developers may consider having the full comic display to be shown at the bottom of the platform rather than switching between views.

All of the above options can be edited, once again, displaying endless options for the user. We particularly like the ‘Famous characters’ that can be added such as batman,, Barack Obama and Beyoncé. This could be ideal for historical references and storyboarding.

We also liked the ‘Words’ option where students can add Speech, thoughts, shout and whisper via text bubbles. Incorrect spelling is underlined here also in this easy to use editing text mode.

The developers have thought of every scenario in terms of design and editing. The ‘Effects’ options allow the user to choose several different colour palettes for their comic. This gives a real ‘retro’ feel to the design. Once the comic has been designed there is an option to print the comic, download, delete and share via social media or a given link. The overall platform is very intuitive, laid out in a simple manner supported by stunning graphics and colours.


If you are a teacher purchasing the account for just your students then you will have to buy a monthly account. The cost is adjusted for the number of students you have. The cost per student goes down as your number of students goes up. For 100 students, the cost is a little under $20 a month. If a school or district is purchasing the account, they are able to purchase an annual account for $1.75 per student.

Pixton Comics is COPPA compliant according to their webpage, however they do still collect information including IP address, browser, and operating system.

There are numerous applications and platforms that provide the ability to design comic book storyboards and this is by far one of the best. The comic book design platform is incredibly powerful with numerous options, editing facilities and templates. Where this platform comes into its own is its ability to create class collaborations and content sharing. We love that students can be invited to join classes and activates and content can be shared and edited.

Pixton EDU is an excellent application that offers an excellent platform for teachers and students wishing to create comic style storyboards. The application provides excellent opportunities for students to improve their communication and literacy skills as well as their creativity and digital media skills. We can see this application being used in a number of subject areas such as storyboards for English and the dramatic arts, creating characters and storyboards based on famous historical events, creating communication and discussion scenarios for Citizenship and much more. This app comes highly recommended by The Educational App Store.

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Pixton EDU is a web-app that gives teachers and students a unique way to create stories, demonstrate learning, and enhance writing assignments – in any subject – through digital comics.

Comics are an ideal medium for writing because kids already love them, and their structured nature encourages ideas to be distilled into concise elements in a logical sequence. Users can explore topics in Math, Science, Social Studies, History, English or Art. Choose images from popular content, books and movies like The Hunger Games or The Outsiders, plus other topics like the solar system, black history or the environment – all Common Core aligned.

No drawing skills are required. Pixton EDU levels the playing field with hundreds of preset characters, backgrounds, outfits, poses, and even emotions, all just a click or tap away. Comics can be made and shared in no time, making the classroom experience fun and memorable.

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