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About Pixie the Pony - Unicorn Games

Pixie the Pony - Unicorn Games is a virtual pet app where players take care of a pony in a magical land. Kids care for their pet's needs, treat injuries, play games, and enhance its environment.

You can download this app for free on iOS and Android devices. There are no recurring subscription costs. You can enhance the app with in-app purchases to unlock content packs, remove ads, and purchase extra in-app currency.

Pixie the Pony - Unicorn Games Review

What is Pixie the Pony - Unicorn Games app?

Pixie the Pony is a virtual pet within this app. Kids are free to play with their digital pony, change its appearance, and care for it. There are also simple games for kids to play.

The minigames are varied, including a horse racing game and a horse jumping game. However, not all are based around the virtual pet. They include a match-3 game, a jigsaw-style activity, and a matching game.

What we love about Pixie the Pony app.

Pixie the Pony is a well-animated and cute virtual pet that kids will find appealing. There are plenty of things for kids to do, whether caring for the animal or playing minigames. We liked that the app did not constrain itself to games revolving around the pet. Kids can find variety by playing the different games which all look great and simplify popular game styles for young kids to play.

What skills does it teach?

Pixie the Pony lets kids exercise their creativity and think about taking care of pets.

What age is it appropriate for?

As the content of this app is not directly linked to education, the appropriate age is more down to kids' preferences. Pixie the Pony is likely to appeal to kids between 5 and 8.

Is Pixie the Pony app easy to use?

Pixie the Pony is well-designed for kids to use. Its graphical style is appealing, and the app rewards experimentation as kids learn to use it. Pixie communicates his needs with images ensuring kids don't need to rely on literacy skills to use the app — for example, showing an apple in a thought bubble when he wants to feed.

How will students benefit?

Kids, especially those that love horses and ponies, will enjoy playing Pixie the Pony. The app gives them plenty to do and builds strong affection for their pet as they care for it and meet its needs.

Virtual pet apps are not directly educational, but they can be a good starting point for talking to kids about their responsibilities when they begin to ask for a pet.

How will parents benefit?

Pixie the Pony is free from violence and not overstimulating. Kids can enjoy the app without becoming too energised, which is preferable in certain circumstances. The app looks great on a tablet but works well on a phone's screen, so you can have it available to entertain your kids wherever you are.

How will teachers benefit?

Pixie the Pony has not been designed for school use. Each app is suitable for use by a single child, and its educational content is limited. Skilled teachers may be able to use the app to engage kids with special needs and start discussions.

How much does Pixie the Pony app cost?

You can download Pixie the Pony for free with some content locked. This version is playable but displays advertisements. You can choose different in-app purchases, which you can buy separately or together at a reduced price.

The in-app purchases can remove the ads, unlock content packs, and purchase diamonds.

The diamonds are the game's in-app currency and are consumable. Your child will permanently use them up when they spend them in the app.

Kids can earn diamonds in the app by viewing video-based advertisements, but this option will become inactive if you pay to remove the advertisements.

Is Pixie the Pony app safe to use?

Until you remove them, this app will show first and third-party advertisements. We've reviewed this app with the advertisements removed and recommend that parents only use the ad-supported version to assess the app.

Ensure you have appropriate safeguards on your device to prevent in-app purchases you have not permitted with all apps that use in-app purchases — especially those that get used up.

What can Pixie the Pony app improve on?

Pixie the Pony – Unicorn Games is aimed at young kids and uses consumable in-app purchases, which could become expensive or lead to kids nagging for more. We'd like a version of the app where parents can pay a fixed fee for everything available.

As an educational site, we'd also like to see the app include more educational minigames within its content. If you are looking for child-friendly educational content, this app will suit you, but if you want some extra learning, there is little in this app to help.

Overall rating of the app.

Pixie the Pony – Unicorn Games is a fun app-based activity. Kids enjoy experience-based apps where they carry out tasks and use their imaginations to enhance the experience. The different games provide variety and interest. Using in-app currency is not ideal in an app aimed at young kids and spending opportunities come along too often. Kids love virtual pet apps, so we recommend trying this one out but make sure your kids understand about the in-app currency.

Pixie the Pony – Unicorn is a four-star app.

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