Pirate Scribblebeard - Draw

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  • Pirate Scribblebeard - Draw-1Pirate Scribblebeard - Draw-2Pirate Scribblebeard - Draw-3Pirate Scribblebeard - Draw-4Pirate Scribblebeard - Draw-5

From the Developer

Pirate Scribblebeard's Treasure by Kidoodle - Your child's drawings come to life as they tell the story!

Your child draws and their drawings come to life! Join Oscar, Josephine and Pirate Scribblebeard in this groundbreaking, animated, drawing app that encourages creativity!

  • Encourages creativity and imagination through drawing and storytelling
  • Child's drawings become part of delightful animated cut-scenes as they complete the story
  • Oscar, Josephine and friends narrate each page and encourage your child with quirky and humorous animations
  • Easy to jump right in, no intimidating big blank page
  • Hours of engagement with 17 pages to draw and free future updates
  • Exercises fine-motor skills and encourages those hesitant to draw
  • Designed with love by parents. Tested, played with, and approved by children 3 to 10 years-old (1st through 5th grade)

Our Mission

Creativity is critical to our world. Here at Kidoodle, we believe we can help your child keep their natural creativity alive by making products that encourage your child’s imagination and allow them to create in magical ways!

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