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Pinocchio - Animated storybook

About Pinocchio - Animated storybook

Pinocchio is an interactive version of the classic children's tale by Italian author Carlo Collodi about the puppet who wishes to become a real boy. There's no voice-over or read-along, so parents will need to read the book to younger children. There are plenty of elements to interact with on each page, and kids can toggle the text between English and Italian.

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  • Pinocchio - Animated storybookPinocchio - Animated storybookPinocchio - Animated storybookPinocchio - Animated storybook


[Pinocchio : Animated storybook]

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■ “Every time you tell a lie, your nose will grow!” - Pinocchio

Pinocchio was a naughty little puppet made by a poor Italian wood carver named Geppetto. One day, A fairy tells Pinocchio that he could be a real boy if he learns how to be brave and honest. Otherwise his nose will grow every time he tells a lie… Will Pinocchio become a real boy?

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[Table of contents]
1) Listen to the story : Fun English animation
2) Chant : Chant with the native instructor
3) Explanation : Translated written by English

[Tips on using the app]
1st step : Watch and listen to English
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2th step : Repeat after listening to the [Chant]
3th step : Understand the meaning of the sentence with [Explanation]

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