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A wide variety of Pinkfong’s videos, songs, dances and stories for children to explore the world, ranging from short songs to long animation stories. Their award-winning interactive app encourage kids to sing, play and learn. The app is available in four different languages as well.
The app has a full collection of kids’ favorite sing-along songs for the whole family to enjoy. There are also songs to learn phonics and key vocabularies.

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  • Pinkfong Songs & StoriesPinkfong Songs & StoriesPinkfong Songs & StoriesPinkfong Songs & StoriesPinkfong Songs & StoriesPinkfong Songs & Stories

Developer Description

Sing along kids’ favorite songs with SONGS FOR KIDS WITH PINKFONG

- Non-stop playing for over 100 mins. (After purchasing all versions)
- Most popular songs for kids from 0 to 5.
- Easy to learn song lyrics
- Beautiful graphics and adorable characters
- Kid-friendly interface
- Download songs Just 1 time, you can enjoy the show anytime,anywhere! even on the plane!
- Includes more than 1,000 kids’ favorite songs

Have a magical experience with BEST KIDS SONGS!

Pinkfong Songs and stories will keep coming up, so don’t miss the latest updates!

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