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PimTrack - Language Learning for Kids

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About PimTrack - Language Learning for Kids

Most parents know the Little Pim videos, but the brand has a few apps to compliment the popular series, including PimTrack. The app allows you to create profiles for each child in your family, so you can monitor their progress as they flip through the virtual flashcards and learn new words, and you can even quiz them. Each flashcard has an illustration, a button to hear the word and the English translation.

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  • PimTrack - Language Learning for KidsPimTrack - Language Learning for KidsPimTrack - Language Learning for KidsPimTrack - Language Learning for KidsPimTrack - Language Learning for Kids

Publisher's Description

Follow your child's language development by tracking their progress as they learn new words and phrases from the Little Pim language learning videos (also available in iTunes).

This app features 8 different languages - Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese and Japanese

You can create profiles for each "little learner" to easily keep track of their language learning at their own unique pace. You can see what words they're learning, view their progress by language, and also assess their progress by theme.

Each word features an adorable hand-drawn flash card image, the English translation, the phonetic pronunciation, and audio of the word being read aloud by a native speaker, making it easy for parents to follow along.

With Flash Card mode, you have the ability to quiz your child on the words they’ve learned, check off learned words to keep track of overall progress, and see how well your kids have absorbed different themes, words and phrases.

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