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About PictureThis - Plant Identifier

PictureThis - Plant Identifier does as you might expect - it identifies plants by photo.  It covers a huge variety of plants from across the world and is available by subscription after a free trial.

PictureThis - Plant Identifier is not designed for any particular classroom subject but would be useful for children studying any subject of which plants are a part or for general interest.  Any person, child or adult, who can use an app and safely explore an outside space can use this app to add to their knowledge of the natural world using their iOS or Android device.

PictureThis - Plant Identifier Review

What is PictureThis - Plant Identifier app?

PictureThis app adds a layer of learning and fascination to any outdoor environment. By giving the user the means to identify any plant by a photo taken on an iOS or Android device, it turns parks, gardens and even scraps of ground in the street into a chance to learn the names of plants as well as further details about them.

What we love about PictureThis - Plant Identifier

This app builds knowledge in a fun and hands-on way.  As you will see in this PictureThis - Plant Identifier app review, this app is a great encouragement to go outside and learn about the natural world.

What skills does it improve?

PictureThis - Plant Identifier concentrates on identifying plants and providing information about the plants. The more that it is used, the more familiarity its users will develop with plant names and biology.

It is not directly aimed at any school-age subjects but it can certainly be used to add interest to biology lessons, project work, and due to the information on past uses of plants, history.

What age is it appropriate for?

PictureThis - Plant Identifier app is suitable for anybody, young or old, who is interested in learning to identify plants and expand their knowledge of them.

Is PictureThis - Plant Identifier easy to use?

Identifying plants by photos is very easy in PictureThis - Plant Identifier. If you follow a few common-sense guides such as capturing the whole flower and ensuring that everything is in focus, you will get a good result.

Testing this app during this PictureThis - Plant Identifier app review saw very few failures and even these were rectified with a second attempt. Once the image is captured, the identification takes moments. You can then access a wealth of information about the plants. This includes plant care, biology and even some interesting historical uses of the plants. 

Judging PictureThis app's results by taking a photo of known species showed it to be accurate. The app's developers claim a 98% accuracy rate which is excellent when you think that even botanical experts make mistakes.

It is very easy to navigate through the information that the app contains.

How will students benefit?

Being able to identify plants by photo using an app is far more convenient than using a field-guide book and a mobile device is more likely to be carried by a student. Users can also enjoy browsing through the information when indoors.

How will teachers benefit?

With the environment being increasingly brought to the centre of world news, it is right that classrooms reflect this. PictureThis - Plant Identifier app lets organised nature walks expand beyond the knowledge that a teacher might have.  

In the classroom, biology teachers can use the app as a reference tool for their students to identify and examine their items of study. In places that are considering new courses, such as England's proposed Natural History GCSE, PictureThis - Plant Identifier is likely to become even more relevant and useful. 

How will parents benefit?

Learning about plants can be a great way to add some purpose and interest to a family walk. Searching for specific plants and learning about those that are encountered are a great way to use PictureThis - Plant Identifier.   

What PictureThis - Plant Identifier can improve on?

PictureThis - Plant Identifier is upfront about how its subscription model works but typical user behaviour might still mean the terms are not noticed. This is such a great app that it would be a pity for people to start their use of it with a negative experience. Separating the trial from the subscription would avoid this.  

How much does PictureThis - Plant Identifier cost?

This app is free to download but its content is available through a subscription.

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

New users of this app must be careful to read the opening pages of this app. The app's content is only available through a subscription. Full access to the app is free for 7 days after which a reasonably priced yearly subscription begins. Should you decide against beginning this paid subscription, you must cancel it within those first 7 days. A good tip is to set a reminder on your device urging you to make a decision before the time is up.

This is all clearly stated in the PictureThis app but some people are accustomed to tapping rapidly through the opening screens of an app and might overlook it.

The subscription is good value for those who develop an interest in plants and find that being able to identify plants by photo is something they often use. The 7-day trial gives you a good chance to see if this is you.

Is PictureThis - Plant Identifier safe to use?

PictureThis - Plant Identifier is an app that rewards outdoor use. As such parents and teachers should ensure that children know how to be safe in each environment.  

It should also be emphasised to children that some plants can cause unpleasant effects if they are touched. You must also make it clear that no app is infallible. Regardless of what the app says about a plant, children should not place any part of any plant they find into their mouths.

In regards to the app's contents, it is entirely suitable for children to use.

Overall rating of the app

As described in this PictureThis - Plant Identifier app review, this app is perfect for budding botanists. It identifies plants by photo and embellishes this with copious amounts of extra information to provide a full and useful tool.

The quality of PictureThis - Plant Identifier's presentation, ease of use, and the encouragement it provides for students to take an interest in the natural world, make it a 5-star app.

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