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Pictoword Free: Fun 2 Pics Guess What's the 1 Word

Price: Android - Free iPhone/iPad - Free

Teacher Overview

Pictoword is an exciting game with an addictive premise, where two related picture clues must be connected together to find the right word. For every right puzzle, you can win coins, so in-app purchases can be avoided. The puzzles can be shared on Facebook, so you can seek help from friends if needed.

While Pictoword is much more of an entertainment app, it does offer players a chance to test their logic and problem solving skills with each puzzle. There is also a spelling component that provides good practice for players as they must spell each word correctly in order to complete the puzzle.

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Pictoword Free: Fun 2 Pics Guess What
Pictoword Free: Fun 2 Pics Guess What
Pictoword Free: Fun 2 Pics Guess What
Pictoword Free: Fun 2 Pics Guess What
Pictoword Free: Fun 2 Pics Guess What

Developer Description

Pictoword – a simple yet addictive word game where you “read” a series of pictures that combine to create a word!

Picture Guessing Games for every level of player
  • Word challenges come in varying difficulty packs
  • Guessing games are fun for kids in Easy mode
  • Put your brain to the test with Hard picture packs
  • Brain training gets even more fun, addicting and intense with the extreme difficulty picture pack!
Fun addicting word puzzles in tons of picture guessing categories
  • Test your knowledge unscrambling words from pics of historical figures, landmarks & countries
  • Guess the word from pop culture photos of celebrities, characters, movies & brands
  • Classic word games come free – unscramble over 300 word puzzles in the free classic pack
  • Puzzles are updated all the time! New addicting categories like food, games & more!

For example, you’ll see a picture of SAND and a WITCH. Combine the two to solve for SANDWICH – a lunchtime favorite! When you’re stumped, try saying the words out loud or asking a friend!

You’ll be delighted by the challenging and fun picture-word game Pictoword!

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