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About Pictoword

Pictoword is an exciting puzzle game with an addictive premise, where two related picture clues must be connected together to find the right word. For every right puzzle, you can win coins, so in-app purchases can be avoided. The puzzles can be shared on Facebook, so you can seek help from friends if needed. Pictoword is available for free to download on iOS and Android devices.

While Pictoword is much more of an entertainment app, it does offer players a chance to test their logic and problem solving skills with each puzzle. There is also a spelling component that provides good practice for players as they must spell each word correctly in order to complete the puzzle.

Pictoword Review

What is Pictoword?

Pictoword is a fun and engaging app that you and your child will enjoy. Giving the user two picture puzzles that can be combined to come up with one answer. It offers straightforward gameplay with video tutorials available in case players encounter difficulties. Children have the choice to watch advertisements to earn coins, which can be utilized for hints. 

You've probably seen puzzles in magazines and newspapers where you need to form a single word from a pictorial representation of two other words. This mental exercise is the essence of the Pictoword app's challenge.

How does Pictoword work?

You might wonder just how many of these puzzles exist within the richness of the English language and the answer, judging by the number of levels in this app, is very many indeed!  Each level is made up of one of these puzzles, illustrated by two clear and well-shot photographs.  The answer is selected from a jumble of letters at the bottom of the screen.  Not all of the letters shown are needed and this adds to the challenge.  

The only clue, to begin with, other than photographs, is the word length that needs to be made.  Other clues and assistance can be gained by spending the in-app currency.  Unneeded letters can be removed, needed letters placed, and photographs translated into the correct words.  These can be very useful if you've struggled long and hard but your brain just refuses to look at the puzzle in the right way.  On the other hand, they can let the player move on too quickly.  What prevents this happening too often, is that the in-game currency is limited.

Pictoword Pricing

Pictoword is available for free on iOS and Android devices, but it includes advertisements and offers in-app purchases for currency. It's recommended to opt for the ad-free version to enhance the game's flow. 

The hints, however, can be a form of pay to win and, as you still get some currency just from playing the game or opting to watch an advertisement (even in the ad-free version), sticking to these gives the game the right level of challenge - and it is a fun and useful challenge.

What we like about Pictoword?

Educational Value

Pictoword is not an app to use for direct help with the teaching curriculum as it is not designed for this. It does promote thinking skills and reinforces spelling knowledge so it will provide indirect assistance. As an entertaining app with all of the trappings of a game, it will encourage children to play it and it is certainly a better use of their time than other more mindless entertainment apps.

Boosting Creativity and Vocabulary

It is interesting to note while playing the game how often the first translation of a picture into a mental phrase is not the correct angle to take.  It is here that the challenge often arises as it is often difficult to get one's mind to relinquish its first assumption. Often it is not the noun being shown but the verb. Hence a picture of potatoes in a colander with water cascading over them is looking for 'wash', to make up 'carwash', rather than the variation on potato, chip, peel, etc, that the brain can be locked into investigating.  This does teach the player to keep an open mind and try to look at a problem from other, less obvious angles.

The puzzles are not always based on a literal interpretation of the image shown.  Sometimes the word represented by a picture is a homonym rather the word itself. 'Sandwich' is made up of sand and the green-faced wicked witch from the Wizard of Oz. This encourages a bit of creative thinking and a recognition of the alternative spelling.

International Appeal

Inevitably with any word-based game, there will be words and phrases that are not frequently used in some locations. For example, while North American-based players might quickly work out 'jump rope', UK-based players will be at a loss as they more often use 'skipping rope'.  Such difficulties are far from the norm, though, as the vast majority of solutions will be known to all speakers through common use or exposure to international television and movies.  As a plus, this will help players to expand their understanding of phrases used in other places.

Polished Presentation

The app's look and feel is one of high polish.  All of the graphics are clean and smoothly animated and the sound is full of encouraging jingles.  The achievements and awards in the app are easy to access and playing the main game is simplicity itself.

The components of each puzzle are easy to remember so it is common to find yourself pondering the last unsolved puzzle even while the app is closed.  As it is so quick to open the app and see another level, it is quite possible to keep the challenge in mind even while doing other things.

Final Verdict: Pictoword Review

Pictoword is a straightforward yet captivating word game that challenges you to decipher a sequence of images that combine to form a single word. Whether you're playing solo or with friends, Pictoword promises endless hours of mental stimulation and word-unscrambling enjoyment on your smartphone or tablet.

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