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About PicoToONs - Colouring Book

Colouring in is calming, enjoyable and prompts creative thinking.  PicoToONs brings the experience of physical colouring books to electronic devices and adds some extra graphical flourishes to distinguish it from the paper versions.

PicoToONs - Colouring Book Review

In the space between entertainment and education, there is room for experiences that are not quite one or the other.  Games are fun but offer little personal development.  Learning is great, but we all, children included, need a break. Light-hearted colouring book apps sit nicely between the two.

PicoToONs occupies this position perfectly as a really well-made colouring book app.    While not something that will help with numeracy and literacy, it does offer the same benefits of colouring books that the physical items have.  It will nurture children's creative skills by encouraging them to think of how colours work together.  It encourages planning as children form an overall colour scheme for a picture.  In app form, there is also the benefit of showing children how to use an icon-based user interface to be creators and not just consumers on their electronic devices.  Colouring, as even many adults will now testify, is also rather calming and enjoyable.

This app is as full of features as you could possibly hope for in a colouring book app.  There are a great many creative options for children to access in the simple-to-understand user interface.  Area fill lets children block out areas in solid colours but crayons, spray paint and even a glitter paintbrush are there to use too. The brushes can also have their translucency and thickness adjusted.

Further creative options come in the form of stickers that can be added to enhance the scene.  These stickers can be flipped on both axes, scaled and can be cycled through an array of colour palettes.  Similar options also exist for letters, both lower-case and upper-case, that can be added to the pictures and might be a useful way of encouraging young children to begin to use their fledgling spelling skills.

There is a good selection of picture themes in the full app and each of these includes a good variety of individual pictures.  The themes are very varied going from nature to robots and the pictures are ideal for colouring in.  It is also possible to have a much simpler page, for example, one with only a picture frame, on which children can draw and colour their own artworks using the same array of tools as in the colouring pages.

The overall structure of the app is very well thought out.  Within the parental section, which is protected behind a bit of maths, parents can tune the app to meet their children's needs.

The user interface and the various tools can be customised. This could make it simpler for children as they get used to using the device for colouring pictures.  Parents can also toggle the app to save work automatically when a page of the colouring book is exited.  This could certainly save tears caused by a careless press of a button losing a recently completed picture.

There are many colouring apps available and there will always be a place for the physical ones too but PicoToONs is as good, full-featured and well designed as you could hope for.   It provides good creative fun that will distract children from playing only games on their devices.

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Boleslaw Walczyk

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