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Rating PicMonkey Photo Editor - 4 out of 5 - Good Rating 4.0

  • Android, iPad, iPhone
  • Free
  • age 7+
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About PicMonkey Photo Editor

PicMonkey is an engaging photo-editing and graphic design tool for customizing pictures and images by applying effects, filters, and overlays such as text, drawings, and stickers. PicMonkey is a great photo editor built for sharing creations online.

PicMonkey Photo Editor Review

PicMonkey is a solid tool that offers an outlet for visual expression -- especially if that expression is destined to be shared. The intuitive interface, powerful editing tools, and overlay capabilities make it a nice choice for teaching an introduction to photo editing and graphic design. The paint-on editing feature and social media-minded templates are particularly unique. Since PicMonkey is geared for sharing online, there's no ability to print creations from the app itself. However, creations can be saved to the app's cloud-based Hub (for a subscription fee) and printed from PicMonkey's website or from the camera roll. Consider using PicMonkey to customize images for a class webpage or profile pictures and cover photos for your school's Facebook page or YouTube channel. While you're at it, use PicMonkey's templates to demystify how pixel size affects image resolution and file size.

PicMonkey use to offer a basic free version and a paid plan. They have switched to paid plans only. They do offer a free trial which may be helpful to some if they only have a few projects to complete however users will need the paid plan if they would like to keep their graphics consistent. The paid plans are tiered which means, depending on your budget, editing could be costly. The less expensive plan does not offer access to all the features.

PicMonkey has a lot of customizable templates for social media graphics, logos, etc. It makes designing efficient and easy. The templates have increased my workflow tenfold. I also enjoy that I can upload my own fonts.

PicMonkey has most of the essential tools needed to make graphics or edit photos that photoshop does, but its more user friendly in terms of interface and beginners knowledge. Like Photoshop without the technical jargon, but all the capability, at a fraction if the cost. I actually prefer the spot heal tool picmonkey provides over Adobe's. The addition of the hub made it 1000% worth its price. The remove background tool addition has made this even more the case.



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Android, iPad, iPhone



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