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Pic Collage

Christmas Card & Video Maker

  • iPad, iPhone
  • Free
  • age 12+

About Pic Collage

PicCollage is a collage maker app that is simple to use with a bucket load of features for users to explore. The photo collage app lets you apply basic edits, stickers, doodles, effects and picture frames. Users can download the best free photo editor app for making your own unique creations with your pictures.

PicCollage lets you instantly arrange your photos into frames - or get creative with freeform collages, cutouts, filters, borders, stickers, and text. Your friends will be amazed with what you can create. It's like photoshop with your fingers!

Teacher Review

Pic Collage is a great photo collage maker app that introduces a huge variety of template and grid patterns where you can accommodate the photos selected from local library or social accounts. You have classic collage grid, freestyle blank scrapbook and greeting card layout to start with. After picking your favorite photos, you can freely adjust the size of grid and its cells along with its boundaries, pattern and background color.

Using the elaborate tools in the application, users can create wonderful works of art using only their smartphones. PicCollage is packed full of background templates that are easy to apply and allow users to use mutli-touch gestures to maneuver images and share other extended features.

PicCollage lets users build nothing more than photo collages, hence the app’s name. Getting started is a breeze and once you get inside the app’s home screen, you can use the camera button found at the bottom of the screen.

Just fill the canvas with the required images by snapping an image or two. Alternatively, you can use other methods of acquiring photos. You can import photos from your photo library or Facebook albums, or gather photos from the Web to create an awesome collage.

PicCollage supports a variety of intuitive touch gestures that you can use to set your photos in the exact places you want them to be. These gestures include tapping to add photos, resizing photos by stretching or pinching them to size, rotating using two fingers, deleting a photo with a flick, moving photos to the back of the collage, and editing a photo by double tapping, just to name a few.

The app’s touch gesture can give you the feeling that you are actually doing a collage right in front of your screen. In addition to the simple controls, PicCollage also offers tons of fun backgrounds that you can choose from to mix and match your preferred mood.

As soon as you are done with designing your collage, you can share your work with your buddies straight from the application itself. Just save your collection in your Library and share it away with friends via Facebook or through email.

The star icon found at the top of the app lets you browse the latest content being shared over the network. The settings button, on the other hand, is useful to affiliate the app with your Facebook or Twitter account for easy configuration.

PicCollage hosts some great features other than being simple to use. The crisp user-interface, as well as the simplicity of doing collages, will make any non-photo lover addicted.

If you’ve played with PicCollage on iOS before, you’ll see that PicCollage for Android is a complete replication of its iOS counterpart. Android gets a sweeter deal, however, as there are some features, such as shake-to-straighten photos and adding image clippings, that are missing in the iOS version. PicCollage is constantly being fine-tuned for the Android platform with regular updates.

If you have always been a fan of taking photos whenever you have the opportunity and putting them together creatively, then don’t miss PicCollage as one of your accompanying applications. You can download PicCollage absolutely free on the Google Play Store.

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Publisher's Description

PicCollage lets you instantly arrange your photos into frames - or get creative with freeform collages, cutouts, filters, borders, stickers, and text. Your friends will be amazed with what you can create. It's like photoshop with your fingers!

PicCollage Features:

* Import photos from your photo library, Instagram, Facebook and web image search
* Simple touch gestures to rotate, resize, flick to delete
* Double-tap a photo to edit photo with Aviary photo effects, clip photo, adjust borders, copy/paste and “flip” images
* Just tap on the lower-left Frame icon, and swipe to select a frame to make an instant collage!
* Clip photos by outlining the area you want with your finger
* Lots of backgrounds and stickers to choose from!
* Download a “Remix” collage to use as a template for your collage!

Check out the Valentine’s Day stickers, with lots of hearts and roses! Check out all the “Remix” collages that you can download and edit!

Pic Collage is fun, free and freaking amazing! It’s kind of like photoshop for first graders. This app is awesome. It’s a really great app, you can share your photos on facebook, instagram, etc.

You can impress your mother, brag to your co-workers, and make your vacation look even better than it really was, all before you pack your suitcase to return home. It could be the fastest way you'll ever find to organize a batch of photos. Also makes gorgeous emails and can turn your image into a real postcard.

PicCollage(TM) and “Pic Collage” are trademarks of Cardinal Blue Software.

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