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About Piazza

Piazza is a Q&A application that allows students to ask questions regarding to course work and reply to one another. Users have access to text editors to encourage connected comments and file sharing to post resources. Professors can reply back with real-time notifications, create class polls, and track student participation to stay on top of class evolvement.

Questions can be posed by both students and instructors and the answers are editable by both students and instructors. Students collaborate on answers in a wiki-like environment to create a single response to any question. Over time, students can enhance a response until a single high quality answer is reached. Answers can generate additional follow-up questions and and answers, adding clarity and depth to the original question/answer.

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Android, iPad, iPhone




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Sagar Gokhale

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Piazza is the leading social learning platform in education, used by tens of thousands of instructors to efficiently answer students' questions. Piazza engages students and promotes answering classmates' questions in a private, secure, centralized location. Students love Piazza because they get faster answers to their questions. Instructors love Piazza because it saves them time, while giving deeper insights.

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