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piaScore - Smart Music Score Reader

  • iPad, iPhone
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  • age 18+

About piaScore - Smart Music Score Reader

The piaScore is an iPad/iPhone application for browsing digital musical scores.The piaScore's concept is "VIEWING MUSICAL SCORE FROM EVERYWHERE - ANYWHERE, ANY TIME".

Here comes an application which solves EVERY SINGLE problem that music performers have ever encountered. No more trouble of carrying loads of scores and looking for your favorite one.

Writing down notes as you like
You can write down any notes in the score. Pens of 3 sizes & 6 colors, easy stamp input, text writing are available. 

Smart Browsing
By developing original engine, page turning speed of piaScore quicken. Many user interface is easy to use including one tap first / last page turning. Cropping page feature enables you to read more easily. Password-protected PDF file is supported.

Automatic vertical scrolling / Half page turning
You are released from stressful page turning! Automatic vertical scrolling turns a page on your behalf. Of course, you can change scrolling speed.

: Free classical sheet music search
The piaScore supports IMSLP (International Music Score Library Project)/Petrucci Music Library, so you can download classical musical scores from 70,000 works and 7,800 composers. It's FOR FREE. 

: Support user score file
Do you have many sheet music pdf file, your original one? You can transfer them to piaScore via iTunes. The piaScore also supports Dropbox, camera capturing and web search.

: Easy management of music scores
You can manage a lot of music scores by tagging and setlist. There are powerful sort and keyword search.

: Rearrange page layout and direct jump page
You can rearrange pages freely. If you want to jump any page directly such as repeat, you can put a page jump button on a page.

: Real sound metronome
The metronome supports your practice.

: piaScore music tools
Very useful tools for musician. Virtual keyboard, chromatic tuner, music player (iTunes) and voice recorder.

: Changing book cover
The book cover is changed from your photo, other music score's one freely.

Editing table of contents
You can create a table of contents, or import them from PDF.

Export music scores
Printing (AirPrint), sending mail with writing down notes.

Digital musical score store “piaScore Store”
You are able to purchase a digital musical score in piaScore! We offer folk songs, classic music and easily arranged songs. Because you can search by genre or artist, finding a song you want is easy.

Play related movie on YouTube
You can browse a score with watching movie on YouTube. It is more enjoyable and useful to study music.

Realistic score view
It's true we are attached to paper music scores. What if they reappear on your iPad? Here, you can choose normal mode or realistic view mode.

Air Page Turning (with iPhone)
piaScore has powerful page turning mechanism called 'Air Page Turning'. With an iPhone app “piaScore Air”, you can turn pages via wireless. Please check out this video for details.

Support Bluetooth pedal “AirTurn”
You can turn pages by foot.

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