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About PhysicsProf

PhysicsProf is an app consisting of a large library of Physics equations and allows users to input values and solve these equations at the click of a button. PhysicsProf supports users in solving tricky Physics equations by identifying and rearranging correct equations based on inputted data. Once solved, users are shown the correct step by step method to help understand how to get to the solution which enables individuals to build confidence in eventually solving these unaided. An additional feature of this app is the ability to alter the units of each value, providing a further level of challenge. There are five topic areas within the app, each with a large variety of possible equations ranging from GCSE to post 16 level of difficulty. 

PhysicsProf Review

PhysicsProf is an educational app which allows users to develop their memory, use, and manipulation of a wealth of Physics equations.

Access to the app is instant, and users are able to effortlessly scroll across different screens depending on the area of Physics they are focused on. The app is broken down into five slides each of which concentrates on a key area of Physics and includes all associated equations. The sections include; Linear Motion, Projectile Motion, Forces, Work and Rotational Motion. Each slide can be instantly accessed by tapping a simple yet effect logo at the top of the screen, alternatively users can swipe to their desired section.

Settling upon a slide, users are able to first view all of the possible equations that fit within this area of Physics by clicking the ‘Formula’s’ tab at the bottom of the screen. To filter all of these options down, users are encouraged to identify their known and unknown variables, a process that is as simple as drag and drop. Only once enough data has been sorted will a ‘solve’ tab appear. Clicking solve, results in a new slide, allowing users to input specific data which is then able to be solved. This is done by clicking the ‘solve’ tab. A useful feature of this app is that not only does it ensure users have the correctly calculated answer, but it also breaks down the calculation step by step, including the correct initial equation and then replicates how to input the data and solve.  This feature will help users build their confidence in solving formulas by themselves, by modelling how to structure answers to calculation questions and promotes the importance of showing the working.  It is also incredibly useful if users are without an appropriate calculator for a specific or difficult equation.

A further aspect of this app, which is incredibly beneficial, is the ability to change the units of the inputted values. This allows the app to be applied to a number of different scenario questions making it universally suitable for all users. This also alters the difficulty of the equations allowing the app to span a wide age range, as this naturally differentiates the challenge, even whilst keeping the original equation constant.

The final slide of the app allows users to rate the app or contact the developer. This is incredibly simple and instantly opens an email for users to formulate a response.

PhysicsProf  is a beneficial app in that it has collated lots of key physics formulas and enables users to find quick solutions to given problems. It supports users in developing their application skills around given equations by allowing data to be individualised and units to be converted, along with providing needed support by modelling the step by step calculation. The app covers a wide range of topic areas and can be used by several different age groups. To improve further, the number of topic area’s can be continually updated which will give the app unlimited potential. I think the app is worthy of a four star rating, and has enormous potential to grow beyond, not only the topic areas of Physics, but also into other areas of Science.

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Taha Khayat

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