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About Physics Notes

Physics Notes is a very comprehensive app filled with formulae and explanations of all the Physics concepts from A-Level (SATs) to Foundation level in Higher Education. We have given the app an EAS Certification of 4 Stars.

Teacher Review

Physics Notes is a highly authoritative app that amalgamates the main concepts and formulae pertinent to the Physics curriculum for 16+ years. Another way to define the app is to compare it to a Physics dictionary. The app is so comprehensive that we were inclined to coin the term: “an app that is inter-curricula”. The breadth of information available in the app which, you can access for free (for the ad version) or, 99p for the ad-free version, is fantastic value for money.

The best way for students to use this app is to be readily acquainted and well-versed in the main concepts. This is an app for revising from rather than learning Physics from. First-timers to the concepts will find it more difficult to understand so, it is necessary to make sure that students are clear on the content before using it.

Teachers can also benefit from using the app as it is a great reference tool to keep in mind when thinking about setting work or explaining something. You can take a screen-shot of formulae and explanations and email them to your students or place them up on the whiteboard.

In order to give this app a full 5 Stars, I would like to see the following features (which, we think would really benefit the students when revising): Testing features and instant-feedback in order to really put the theory into practice. Science and Maths requires a lot of practice rather than just learning things off by heart. Students would benefit from learning how to think for themselves when applying the concepts and then get feedback on their understanding and knowledge. Another feature would be to personalise the app to whatever it is that the student is studying. As the app is so broad, students will need to browse and search for their particular topic and formulae/concepts within it. If there was a way to drag and drop the topics into a personalised revision section (so that it fits their specific curriculum) it would make the app much easier to use and revise from. Furthermore, it would be great if students could add their own notes to it as it will enhance the revision-tool experience. Most of our students like to write notes into the revision notes that they are provided with so, it would be a nice user-experience addition.

Overall, it is a value-for-money app and any serious Physics student will like to have this app as part of their reference repertoire.

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The Physics Notes app is like physics running notes for students.

Physics Notes is a wealth of information, complete with definitions and formulas for students.

Ranked as Best free Educational App in US, UK, Japan, India, China, Mexico, Germany, Italy, Singapore,Thailand, Philippines, Australia and Hong kong.

The app covers:
1) Basics of Physics
2) Units, dimensions and physical constants.
3) Motion in one, two three dimensions.
4) Laws of motion, Circular, Relative and projectile motion.
5) Friction, dynamics of rigid bodies.
6) Gravitation
7) Work, Energy and Power.
8) Conservation laws of energy
9) Momentum and Impulse
10) Collisions.
11) Properties of matter
12) Surface Energy and Surface tension
13) Kinetic theory of gases
14) Thermodynamics
15) Oscillations and Simple harmonic motion
15) Waves.

and more topics to come.

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