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About Physics Chemistry Maths Formulas: Formula MAX

A dictionary of mathematical and scientific formulae: searchable by key word or sortable by category.  This simple app offers users a reference point for numerous essential formulae within the areas of physics; chemistry and mathematics.  Each one is supported by a brief explanation of the variables involved and an overview of the calculation.

Physics Chemistry Maths Formulas: Formula MAX Review

Upon opening the app, users are presented with an overview page.  From here they can browse different formulae: mathematics; physics; chemistry; or look through ‘favourite’ or ‘general’.  Each formula is categorised into either maths, physics and chemistry, which are further sorted into sections and then split into sub-sections.  This carefully thought through layout allows the user to see similarly grouped equations and switch between them as needed.  There is also the option to search by keyword, where equations are helpfully sorted with the best match first, and listed based on the category and sub-category they fall into.  This allows users to immediately identify which equation they require or if not entirely accurate, they can select the next most suitable one.  Once the name of an individual formula has been selected, the right-hand side of the page briefly outlines this information with terms generally defined and shown in the form of a calculation.  Based on the current information, this app acts as a reference point only, presuming users have previously acquired an understanding of the content displayed and are able to perform the actual calculations.  Some formulae are more detailed than others, but all contain the essential definition needed.  The simple addition of an external link, perhaps to wiki pages, might make the app more appealing to users who are still learning about the formula.  This would make the app of further educational value as it would facilitate learning as well as act as a reference point or for practice only.  There is also the option to mark specific pages as ‘favourites’ making them easier to reference and return too, or alternatively there is the ability to email formulae to friends.

From the sidebar, users can click the ‘general’ page, which takes them to an inbuilt calculator offering the ability to perform essential trigonometric and logarithmic calculations.  This area is different to other areas of the app, as users have the ability to perform calculations, while elsewhere they can only view a formula and its definition.  This adds an extra element to the app, and it hopefully offers some insights to the app’s future – perhaps the developers intend to gradually offer such a calculator for all the formulae.  The final link on the sidebar takes users to the information page.  Here, the left-hand side contains the option to rate the app; follow on Twitter and Facebook; share; or view further apps by the developer.  While the right-hand side lists the current number of equations, version number and general requirements information.  The developers can also be contacted through this section if your device is configured for email.

The app states that it includes the periodic table, however this was not clear at all.   The small icon for this is hidden in the top right corner and users can easily miss it.  However, once opened, the periodic table is displayed with links at the side of the page allowing the user to sort elements into their respective groups, and when an element is clicked, its associated properties are listed below. 

Overall, this app is worthy of its 4* rating.  It offers a central reference point for a variety of mathematical and scientific formulae, as well as offering a simple version of a technical calculator, allowing users to perform basic trigonometric and logarithmic computations.

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