Best Physical Apps

Physical applications (apps) for smartphones have enjoyed increasing popularity in recent years. Pocket-sized device is also an excellent tool for tracking, managing, and staying on top of your fitness goals. Physical apps are specialized programs you can download on a phone, tablet, or other electronic devices.

Here are our top picks for the best physical apps.

1. Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker

The Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker app uses prompt self-monitoring of behavioral outcome to encourage healthy habits. Every day, users can log their foods and the app will provide calorie counts. The app generates charts that let users see their progress over time as they work toward their customizable goals. The app is free for both Apple and Android devices.

2. RunKeeper

RunKeeper tracks users’ workouts by using GPS to track their distance, elevation, and speed. It provides a prompt review of outcome goals by showing a detailed report of calories burned immediately after a workout is completed. The app features training plans with audio coaching and provides audio updates of your total mileage, calorie count, and pace during workouts. The app is free for both Apple and Android devices.

3. Strava Running and Cycling GPS

Strava Running and Cycling GPS is similar to Runkeeper – it provides GPS tracking of distance, elevation, and speed. Users can join monthly challenges that encourage them to surpass their current fitness levels. Strava also allows users to compare their results to other users, with the premium version letting users filter by age and weight to see where they stand among similar people. The app is free for both Apple and Android devices and offers in-app purchases.

4. Yoga Studio

Yoga Studio features a variety of HD video yoga classes from beginner to expert levels and a database of over 280 poses. By using demonstrations of behavior, the app allows users to effectively and correctly perform yoga moves. The app provides yoga classes for strength, flexibility, relaxation, and balance. Classes can be customized to suit personal needs and range from 10 to 60 minutes. The app costs $3.99 and is only available for Apple devices.

5. JEFIT Workout

JEFIT Workout touts over 1,300 exercise tutorials complete with descriptions and animations to teach users proper execution. The app provides prompt feedback on behavioral goals by creating customized fitness plans and providing graphs to measure progress. Users can track their daily workouts and view community-created fitness plans to help them stay motivated.<The app is free for both Apple and Android devices and offers in-app purchases.