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Photomath Camera Calculator Review

Camera calculator to scan and solve math problems

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About Photomath Camera Calculator Review

Looking for the best camera calculator? Then you need to check out Photomath. One of the best math solving apps, Photomath Camera Calculator uses augmented reality, which means that you can simply point your camera at any piece of paper with an equation or an arithmetic problem and it will find a solution. Photomath Camera Calculator is free to download for iOS and Android devices.

Teacher Review

A quick photo of a math problem from a textbook can will allow the Photomath Camera Calculator to provide a step-by-step guide to solving it and the actual answer.  Students with access to this math solving app can learn new maths topics independently and with confidence.

Is Photomath Camera Calculator easy to use?

Upon opening Photomath, you’ll see a basic camera view with a box where it wants you to position the equation you are trying to solve and some might say the best math solving app. You can adjust the size of the box based on how big the equation you’re trying to solve is. Once you position an equation within the camera window, the app will attempt to solve it. If it is successful, you’ll see the equation and its answer appear at the bottom of the screen.

If you tap on the answer, you can see a step-by-step breakdown of how the app came to the answer. Additionally, you can change what you’re solving for on this screen. For instance, if you have an equation with an x and a y variable, you can tell Photomath to solve for either one.

Photomath supported Math content are Numbers, Fractions, Decimals, Powers and Roots, Complex Numbers,  Algebraic expressions, Linear equations/inequations, Quadratic equations/inequations, Absolute equations/inequations, Trigonometric equations, Binomial Theorem, Calculus.

Photomath unsupported Math content

  • Greatest common factor (GCF)
  • Least common multiple (LCM)
  • Rounding numbers and decimal numbers
  • Long division with decimals
  • Converting fractions into decimal numbers with division steps
  • Linear inequalities with two variables
  • System of inequalities with two variables
  • Solving equations and inequalities using graphing method
  • Complex parametric equations and inequalities
  • Data analysis, statistics and probability
  • Mathematical induction
  • Interest rate
  • Polynomial division
  • Trigonometric inequalities
  • Matrices, determinants
  • Geometry
  • Word problems
  • Complex numbers: equations and inequalities
  • Periodic Numbers

You can use this camera calculator on the go by downloading the app in the Apple App Store for iOS devices or in the Google Play Store for Android devices.

We have created a collection of the best math apps for kids – specifically, elementary school students.

You have nothing to lose in downloading this app.  At the very least, it is amazing to see how much technology has advanced to the point where it can take a question from a textbook and turn it into a guided solution.  At best it will help reduce revision anxiety and help to secure better mathematical understanding.

How does Photomath Camera Calculator help students?

Students can learn how to solve maths problems in many of the subjects' core topics using this app. Photomath Camera Calculator can explain how to answer a huge variety of maths problems such as long multiplication and division, algebra, calculus, trigonometry and many more.  Students using this app can see the steps needed to reach an answer and learn the process to follow in future maths problems of the same type.

Photomath performs what seems like a miracle in that it can take a photo of a maths problem on a printed page, such as a textbook or worksheet, and solve it.  Not only this but it explains how to solve it, too, and gives a step by step process to follow.

With Photomath, students can learn from any source of maths problems.  They can practise finding solutions and check if they were right.  If they were wrong, they can look at the steps shown by the app and see where they went wrong.  Photomath Camera Calculator has a powerful potential for helping students to learn independently and undertake effective revision.

How does Photomath Camera Calculator help teachers and parents?

To help parents and teachers ensure that the app is used to enhance learning but not to replace thinking, there is a useful downloadable document that gives excellent advice.  Using the guidance from this document, students can be given the tools to use Photomath to guide their learning and not as a quick route to answers that will not advance their understanding.

The document isn't just about encouraging students to use the app responsibly, it also shows teachers how to build lessons around its use.  It covers different maths topics and methods.  

Parents, too, should look carefully at Photomath.  They can use it to ensure that their understanding has not grown rusty over time and the help they provide is leading their child in the right direction.

How much does Photomath Camera Calculator cost?

Photomath is free to download and in this form is a useful app to help students learn maths.  Each problem captured by the app is solved and the steps to achieving the answer are broken down into an easily understood process.  Where appropriate, different methods of reaching solutions and relevant graphs are shown alongside the solution.

It isn't just complex equations for older students that are covered by the app.  It can help with answering questions such as long multiplication and division.  Just as with more advanced maths, the app shows the steps to follow and does so using useful animations and directions.

The time before exams can be very stressful for students.  Whatever the age and ability of a student, when it comes to revision, knowing that they can check their answers and receive useful explanations in an instant will be a huge relief.  Nagging doubts that they are following the wrong process can be dispelled.  Specific questions that they cannot quite understand without some assistance can be illuminated by having the solution presented to them.  

Is there a Photomath Camera Calculator subscription option?

The app can be extended through a subscription.  This adds extra detail to the solving steps.  Whereas the free version might say 'divide both sides of the equation by 2', the extended version will show how to do this and also, importantly, explain why.  How necessary this is will depend on the individual student.  One who can confidently manipulate algebraic terms might only need the direction of the free version.  Those who are less confident might need a more detailed explanation.

Photomath is the #1 app to learn math and known to some as the best math solving app, to take the frustration out of math and to bring more peace to your daily student life. Photomath supports both typed problems and handwritten problems thanks to its excellent handwriting recognition.


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Simply point your camera toward a math problem and Photomath will magically show the result with detailed step-by-step instructions.

What does the Photomath Camera Calculator do?

Camera calculator
Handwriting recognition (NEW)
Step-by-step instructions
Smart calculator

What features does Photomath Camera Calculator provide?

Complete step-by-step instructions
Colorful explanations
Extra math knowledge

What skills does Photomath Camera Calculator improve upon?

Photomath supports arithmetics, integers, fractions, decimal numbers, roots, algebraic expressions, linear equations/inequations, quadratic equations/inequations, absolute equations/inequations, systems of equations, logarithms, trigonometry, exponential and logarithmic functions, derivatives and integrals.

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