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About Photo Grid - Collage Maker

Photo Grid - Collage Maker is a relatively powerful photo collage app with a few too many redundant navigation layers. PhotoGrid makes photo editing much easier, and turn users into photo-editing masters in a snap. We are all-in-one photo editor, and mind-blowing collage. From now on, you just need one app to meet all your photo editing and video editing needs.  

Photo Grid - Collage Maker Review

Photo Grid is a relatively simple tool that offers some neat options for students to manipulate photos like adding borders, making collages, adding stickers, and applying basic photo effects. Students could use this app to create great looking collages that could be used in a class presentation or project. The finished photos can be sent via email and a number of other social media outlets. Photo Grid could be used to spruce up visual representations of concepts and allows you to add your own text for customized captions. We can create funny scenes overlaying their favorite photos or place them into layouts with lots of ways to manipulate and manage their creations.

Photo Grid is an intuitive, simple app that allows students to manipulate photos with features such as adding borders, adding stickers, changing the filter, and changing the background. It has lots of features that can allow students to be very creative. Because it is free, students can install it to their device and work from home. Making a collage is the type of homework they will want to complete. Overall, it is a great app! 

It is great for creation, homework, individual student-driven work and for whole classroom.

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Android, iPad, iPhone





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