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This is a wonderful little app that is of very high quality and is also free! We have given the app an EAS Certification of 5 Stars.

Teacher Review

The team behind Letter Lilies have created an app that is very intuitive to use. Some knowledge of phonics and letters is desirable however; if you work with your child you shall be able to learn on the go.

There are three levels to work from “Easy, Medium and Hard”. There is a record of the results as the child progresses however; you can only access the information if you purchase the “Learning Report”. The app also has a number of other in-app purchases for more games but this game is a standalone product and children will love it as it is.

The “Easy” level concentrates solely on single letters and very simple words that relate to the sound of the letter. This then progresses to the hardest level whereby the sounds go from one letter sounds to letters placed together to form a specific sound such as “ight” “ai”. This makes things a little bit harder but if you play with your child he/she will stay motivated to finish the game and to listen to the questions.

One of the great things about the game is that you get the question wrong; you are given the answer and then asked to try again. We think that as a long as children stay motivated to listen and to repeat the questions, the knowledge will remain.  The motivation is to get the questions right so that you get prizes such as seeds, stars or you see the pond rising. He creators of the game are pedagogical professionals and one of our toddler testers really enjoyed playing with the app and listening to the answers. You definitely need a little bit of patience and might need to break down the length of play depending on the attention span of your child.

If you are very conscious about accents, this is a great app for those who want to learn with a British accent. Additionally, the little bee animation and the little frog are both very cute.

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Phonics with Letter Lilies is a fun game that helps children to learn to read.

Phonics with Letter Lilies has been devised by Dr Jonathan Reed, Child Neuropsychologist based on his clinical experience and on the latest research in reading.

The key skill in learning to read is developing the ability to phonologically decode words. Language including spoken and written language can be broken down into small units of sound (phonemes). When learning to read children have to work out (decode) the link between symbols (letters) and sounds (phonemes). They then learn to blend the sounds using synthetic phonics to read words. The Phonics with Letter Lilies game teaches children all the phonemes in English.

Published research on Phonics with Letter Lilies has shown that it significantly improves reading in children.

Phonics with Letter Lilies can also be used to help children who have difficulty learning to read for example with dyslexia, ADHD or learning difficulties.

Phonics with Letter Lilies contains visual and verbal rewards and is designed to ensure that your child always feels that they are making progress. For an extra reward purchase the garden feature where children can plant and tend to the reward seeds they have earned by playing the game.

Purchase the special report feature to look at your child’s learning progress in detail over time.

Phonics with Letter Lilies is narrated by Belinda the Bee who guides children through the game using spoken instructions allowing children to play the game without adult support. All the phonemes are spoken in an English accent.

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