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Phonics Reading Kindergarten 1

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Phonics Reading Kindergarten 1 consists of 5 mini games that can help children learn to read and spell.  The app covers Montessori phonics, beginning sounds, ending sounds, short vowels and sight words to develop children’s reading skills. The app is designed specifically for pre-readers and beginner readers. 

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  • Phonics Reading Kindergarten 1Phonics Reading Kindergarten 1Phonics Reading Kindergarten 1Phonics Reading Kindergarten 1Phonics Reading Kindergarten 1Phonics Reading Kindergarten 1


Covers Montessori Alphabet Phonics, Beginning Sounds, Ending Sounds, Short Vowels, Sight words, Three Letter Words, Phonics awareness For Children, Phonics Reading.

# Top seller in phonics and education apps #
See the magic of phonics happening to your children.
With this well researched way of teaching children how to read, your child will start loving his reading books.

Whilst teaching the child the art of phonics it’s best to start with consonant sounds which are easy to differentiate. Start with beginning sounds and then ending sounds. When they can make out the difference, start vowel sounds.
This App is designed specifically for pre-readers and beginner readers. It has been carefully structured to develop the ability to identify individual sounds in words. While enjoying learning with this app, children will be able to relate letters and sounds to form simple words.

This app ensures your young children can master and learn sounds, phonics, vowels, consonants and start reading on their own. They can practice and learn on their own in an edutainment package providing reinforcement and delight with must learn education. It doesn't push them to read but draws them into learning. If you have tried various Intellijoy apps, you will also love this. Children and Mummy both need this to keep engaged and teach basic skills respectively.
Carefully tested pronunciations and clearly spelt out words, which is what makes us different from other apps. We ensure a very high quality of testing, bug freeness, clear sounds, engaging music, and rewards at end of activity, which children will love.
Also suitable for educational institutional buyers and schools for their curriculum, or it can be used for extra practice.

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