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About Phonics Genius

Phonics Genius is a customizable flashcard-style app designed to help kids identify letter sounds and their relationship to words. Phonics Genius is an educational app that aims at assisting the early elementary students to learn letter sounds and blends. Phonics Genius is a great resource for building phonemic awareness and is best for kids who are emergent readers with previous reading experience. 

Phonics Genius Review

Phonics Genius is an interesting app that provides a wealth of possibilities. Here kids begin by selecting a letter or letter combination from the app’s home screen and then select whether they want the sound at the beginning, middle or right at the end of a word set. It has over 6,000 words grouped into 225 categories and has just about every conceivable phonetic combination presented in a high quality and completely enjoyable way. 

The tool has a powerful combination of phonic lessons, spelling/word patterns and reverse phonics that are indeed an important components when teaching phonics to elementary students.

One of the best ways to rapidly learn how to speak, read, and recognise words is through phonic awareness. The Phonics Genius app is specifically designed to help kids recognise and distinguish words by sounds, using fun interactive games. There are over 6000 unique words so kids should never tire of it!

Phonic Genius is not as fun for users compared with the many phonic apps available today. What it lacks in playfulness, it makes up with its comprehensive list of words covering 44 phonemes with further sounds incorporated. The app can be used in two ways, as a flashcard display and a  'find the correct word' option.

Phonic Genius is not an app that should be used with children starting out on their phonic journey but for those with a solid grasp of phases 2 & 3 of 'Letters & Sounds'. The biggest draw to Phonic Genius is that it can be completely customised to suit your needs. Pronunciation differs from UK English on certain sounds but the app allows you to record over the words. In-app accessibility features allows you to change settings such as font size, background and colour to support learners with moderate and more profound  needs. A real plus point for this application is the lack of cutesy characters usually associated with phonic resources, this can be a real draw for younger learners but not for older children with learning difficulties who see this as a step back in their learning. 

For adults there are options for customization that support working on spelling and specific sounds and letter groups with your child.

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