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Phonics Awareness

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Phonics Awareness is a great app for what could be called the middle of the process of building reading skills. Students already have a grasp of the basic sounds made by each letter and they will get lessons on blending and segmenting those sounds as they learn to decode words.

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  • Phonics AwarenessPhonics AwarenessPhonics AwarenessPhonics AwarenessPhonics Awareness


Phonics Awareness is a comprehensive, low cost educational app based on the pre-reading skills year one and year two children must have as they move from hearing sounds, into seeing the letter as a representation for the sound. This is the beginning of true phonics learning. Teachers can easily integrate these lessons into their lesson prep into the curriculum. All instructions are given verbally, and students receive immediate feedback, thereby helping students to achieve satisfactory results. 



* Learning through animation, sound and touch.
* Bugs do the teaching to add fun and whimsy.
* The “Check Yourself” section tests your child’s learning and shows you the scores.
* Tutorial format guides your child through the activities.
* Games add to the fun.
* Give your child a head start on first grade literacy.
* Correct answers get immediate and consistent praise while wrong answers simply ask them to try again.
* Multi-sensory learning creates a high degree of interactivity through voice, written words and animations.
* Fun bug graphics holds your child’s attention.
* Personalised feedback every step of the way.

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