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Phonics Advanced

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Bugbrained Apps = Whimsical, interactive experiences based on educational standards

Phonics Advanced, 1st Grade Reading, is a fun way for your child to learn more advanced phonics skills. Bugs are used to add whimsy and help in the teaching. This tutorial is highly interactive, giving your 1st grader a chance to relate to advanced phonics topics on a personal level and get instant feedback on how they are doing.

They learn to handle two letters that represent one sound, decode regularly spelled one and two syllable words, know how to break words into syllables, use final e to make long and short vowels, and add endings like ing, ed and s to words.

* Learning through animation, sound and touch.
* Bugs do the teaching to add fun and whimsy.
* The “Check Yourself” section tests your child’s learning and shows you the scores.
* Tutorial format guides your child through the activities.
* Games add to the fun.
* Based on the Common Core Standards for 1st Graders.
*Give your child a head start on first grade literacy.
* Correct answers get immediate and consistent praise while wrong answers simply ask them to try again.
*Multi-sensory learning creates a high degree of interactivity through voice, written words and animations.
*Fun bug graphics holds your child’s attention.
* Personalized feedback every step of the way.

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