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The Periodic Table app by Socratica is probably one of the best and most used apps to learn and test your knowledge about the periodic table elements. It delivers more than 30 useful facts for each element, audio clips for pronunciation, explanatory videos and mini quizzes. A perfect tool for chemistry revision and a study aid for classroom use! The app would benefit by having its own video-player and future updates should address why audio-clips don’t play on some devices,. Overall, it’s a very good app that receives a 4 star EAS Certification.

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With an online video library of more than 12,000 educational videos, Socratica is committed to bring education to everyone. The Periodic Table app is a useful addition to their free educational apps with a focus on a specific topic. The app offers reference information about each of Mendeleev’s elements under an intuitive design.
The home screen is very simple, showing the menu options: ‘Learn’, ‘Table’, ‘Lookup’, ‘Quiz’, ‘Videos’ and ‘More Apps’. Under ‘Learn’, in random order, you can browse through detailed informational pages for each element. The content is accurate and easy to read and the app offers audio clips to help students learn and practise pronunciations of the names of the elements. It worked perfectly with most of our Android devices but the feature was inactive on the HTC Desire X.
The ‘Table’ is easy to handle, you can zoom in and when an element is selected the information page comes up. We have to mention that each reference page offers a backlink to Wikipedia for more in-depth information about the elements. Because the search is strictly limited to the name or the abbreviation of an element it’s not really useful considering the app offers an index search.
The app features an extensive playlist of educational videos. Unfortunately the app does not have a built-in video player so you are soon prompted to play it with an external player – YouTube- or within the browser. It takes you out of the app and that might distract kids. The videos in the chemistry glossary playlist are really good and offer quick definitions for different terms (e.g. acid, alcohol, calories, combustion, isotopes, etc).There are only 3 videos in the chemical elements playlist (for chlorine, oxygen and phosphorous) but we believe the list will soon be updated. Some videos are offered in different languages like German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. 
Periodic Table app offers the full package and has a series of quiz tests with different options (choose to focus on questions about the name, abbreviation, the atomic number of the elements or go for a random test). All the questions are timed and each quiz has 20 questions. We liked that we were immediately offered the correct answer when our answer was incorrect, but would have liked to be able to review all the questions at the end of the test. Users need to know that you cannot pause your quiz and if you have to exit the app, for example to answer your phone, your game won’t be saved. The quiz feature can be improved by adding a data collection system within the app in order to identify the learner’s profile and assess his progress.
You can discover more apps from Socratica by selecting ‘More apps’ and you’ll be redirected to Google Play store. 
Periodic Table app by Socratica is exactly what you need if you want to revise for an exam or learn chemistry terms watching YouTube videos. The last update removed all the ads and that is a major step in having more user friendly educational apps. The app achieves 4 stars EAS Certification.
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Learn the periodic table of elements with Socratica. Over 30 facts about each element for reference. Audio clips to help with pronunciation. Test yourself with quiz mode. Find elements by table, search or index.

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