Periodic Table Apps

5 Best Periodic Table Apps

1. Periodic Table (iOS, Android)

Every single element is presented on Mendeleev’s table along with a host of useful information, images, videos and podcasts. See the trends and patterns that make up the table and quickly compare elements to one another. The Royal Society of Chemistry has transferred their Periodic Table website to an app version that is available for both mobile and tablet devices. A huge amount of information is made available for every single element and is presented in a logical and attractive manner. You can click each element to read detailed information, and the tabs at the top to explore each section. The elements can be instantly sorted in order from highest to lowest by tapping on the appropriate heading.

2. Periodic Table of Elements (iOS)

If you want to learn the name and symbols of all 118 chemical elements, this app will help you do this. It has several teaching methods. You can choose the one that suits you the most.

Try a basic quiz of chemical elements to remember basic knowledge. An advanced level will help you learn more elements with molecular mass, nuclear charge, protons, neutrons, and electrons. If you have passed the basic and advanced level, try a quiz of all chemical elements.

3. Periodic Table (iOS, Android)

The Periodic Table app by Socratica is probably one of the best and most used apps to learn and test your knowledge about the periodic table elements. It delivers more than 30 useful facts for each element, audio clips for pronunciation, explanatory videos and mini quizzes. A perfect tool for chemistry revision and a study aid for classroom use! 

4. The Elements (iOS)

This app will show you a completely new approach to studying the periodic table. You will easily remember all the chemical elements and get acquainted with their physical forms. You need to tap on the picture of a chemical element to read more about it.

You will see detailed information about each chemical element. The names of the chemical elements are translated into dozens of languages. You can learn all the options.

5. Periodic Table 2020 (iOS, Android)

This app has a modern design with a dark theme. You will enjoy using it for study or work. It has information about all the elements studied. Click on the desired chemical element and the app will open a window of a chemical element. You can read the characteristics of the chemical element. You will learn the Latin and English names when and by whom this chemical element was discovered. The app saves the history of the search for chemical elements. It will also provide you with links to other sources for each chemical element.

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