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The periodic table of elements is the stepping stone of chemistry, and everyone who wants to learn chemistry must first start by memorizing it. Of course, it’s not that easy as it sounds, but luckily for you, Periodic Droid comes to your help.
This Android chemistry app allows you to search for elements, it gives you information about each element and above all, it features a cool and very easy to navigate user interface, so you will not get lost in all that chemical knowledge. You can also search Wikipedia for information on certain elements and to test what you have learned, there is the possibility to take quizzes. Although it misses some features, such as chemical formulas or the possibility to solve problems, this app is well worth installing.

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  • Periodic Droid - No AdsPeriodic Droid - No AdsPeriodic Droid - No AdsPeriodic Droid - No AdsPeriodic Droid - No AdsPeriodic Droid - No AdsPeriodic Droid - No AdsPeriodic Droid - No Ads


The most complete, customizable, Chemistry Periodic Table of Elements available for your Android.

Main features are:

  • 118 elements
  • Instant search!: Find elements by name, symbol or number. Write just part of element name and you will be redirected to element description. If more than one is found, you'll be able to choose
  • You can choose criteria used to set elements background color in the Table (by category, state, crystal structure...)
  • You can change which properties to appear directly in the Table. The 4 most-used properties can be shown there
  • Fast-access list of elements. Sort the as you prefer (by name, symbol, atomic number, ...)
  • 55 properties for each element! Including weight, state, boiling & melting point (°C & °F), electronegativity, crystal structure (image included), electron configuration, electrons per shell, color, discoverer and MUCH more.
  • You can copy any property to clipboard to use in another app
  • Reorder properties as you wish, so most used are on top
  • List of isotopes for each element, including isotope, half-life, spin-parity, decay and abundance
  • To even more info, browse Wikipedia article of each element
  • Take a Quiz! Ideal to make sure you're ready for next test in School. As everything else, you can configure it. Choose what about to be asked (Elements names, atomic number, symbol, atomic weight, crystal structure, boiling point and/or melting point); what elements categories to include in test; whether to show element information on top as a help; number of questions; number of possible answer to choose from.
  • Choose when to start when you open Periodic Droid (Elements list, Periodic Table, or Quiz mode)
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