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About Perfect People

The application Perfect People is a role-play simulation suitable for ages 4 and above that explores all aspects of life such as growing up, finance, personal responsibilities, responsibility for the environment, working, socialising and much more. Guide the cute AI characters through the twists and turns of life and the choices they make. You could be the Teacher's Pet or a Social Butterfly. Have a Happy Home and become a Baby Maker, or play the stock market and earn a mountain of coins. Can you become the Perfect person?

Perfect People Review

About Perfect People

The application Perfect People is a role-play simulation suitable for ages 4 and above that explores all aspects of life such as growing up, finance, personal responsibilities, responsibility for the environment, working, socialising and much more. Guide the cute AI characters through the twists and turns of life and the choices they make. You could be the Teacher's Pet or a Social Butterfly.

The application Perfect People free to download via the iOS Appstore or Google Play. The app is free from in-app-purchases, however, there are 3rd party in-app adverts. The application plays in landscape mode on both mobile and tablet devices.

The application opens with a colourful, welcoming home screen with some delightful catchy music. The ‘Information’ icon in the top-right provides access to the developer’s website, social media links such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok. Press ‘Play’ to enter the game. The game plays in many different modes including Classic, Incredible India, Tyrone’s Town, Art C. Fartsy, Masha’s Metropolis, Random Radiance and XioXo Xok’s world. For this review, we will play the Classic Gameplay Mode.

Create your AI character by using the multitude of options such as name, gender, hats, eye colour and shape, hair, glasses and accessories. The graphics can also be moved into position or deleted along with a random dice icon that will create your character look for you. The user interface here is fun and intuitive.

Starting at your 5th Birthday the application goes through a series of instructions that introduces the LifoPedia for useful tips and clues and the Communication Tower to make new friends. Please note that pressing the ‘Play’ icon in the bottom left will move through your AI characters life.

The home screen has several surrounding icons which include:

The Trophy Icon – Here users can see personal goals and rewards for milestones such as Teacher’s pet, Social Butterfly, Scoring Sensation, Champion, Math’s Marvel and much more.

LifoPedia Icon – Here the user can access instructions and tips for the applications gameplay. We advise all users to read these instructions before they play the game.

The Quit Life Icon – Press this at your peril! 

The Life Status Bar – Here the user can click between the following data: Coins, Health, Age, Turns, Interest, pollution, population and credits.

The application displays several gameplay icons on the horizon. These include:

The School – Work your way through school career focusing on elementary school, learning maths, circular logic, famous people, vocabulary, spelling and capitals. Each of these games earns credits for your AI character. We particularly enjoyed the Maths game ‘Nutty Numbers’ where two successful rounds will enable your AI character to Graduate at 14 years of age. All games in this section of the application are great fun to play.

Supa Shot Sports League – Work your way through a series of one to one, head to head footballing rounds. Score to progress to the next round and earn credits from the tournament.

The Coal Company – Grab yourself a job at the coal company under the Boss Bonnie and earn coins by finding the numbers in sequence. As your job rating improves you are rewarded with promotions. You can also dapple in work politics and ask for a promotion. Be careful though as you might be rejected and life will pass you by!

The Bank – Here the user can view their bills, the stock market, invest in bonds and take out a loan.

The Communication Tower – Here we can find friends, partners, family members and the dead! Choose an AI character to become your friend. Once they accept you can interact with them by tickling, hugging, kissing, slapping, chatting and even asking them to go steady!

The Rocket Station – Here you can apply to be an astronaut! Tap the screen on the target to create a successful launch and earn coins.

The Community Centre – Here the user can earn coins and help the environment by playing one of several games. Clean pollution is a must if your pollution level is high, however, you will need many coins to do this. Other games include: Flying friends, School of fish, adopt a shark, adopt a puppy, adopt a cat, help homeless Hank and donate to a cause.

The Medical Centre – Here your AI character can play several topics from developing a health pill to life longevity to cancer research and treatment. Once again this will cost coins but will be worth especially if a friend or a family member has a serious illness.

The Store -  Spend your hard-earned coins of some of life’s luxuries such as a boat, dog house, flowers, family tree, windmill, house and gizmos.

The 8-bit disco – Party with your friends, family or on your own in this wonderful, colourful and upbeat discotheque. The more friends you have the bigger the party!

Throughout the application, you are asked to watch your health status and you are notified when others health has deteriorated, just like the real world. Watch the population go up using the status bar at the top along with the pollution. Keep an eye on friends, notifications of health and how you can help your community. Be careful not to offend, befriend or steal someone’s job as this might come back to bite you! As you move through the icons and everyday scenarios your age will increase along with the population, pollution and health. What will you do to improve your lifestyle? 

Perfect People app easy to use?

The user interface of the application is very user friendly. The graphics are clear and easy to read. We did initially find the application a little overwhelming due to the number of icons, games and endless options. However, once you have been through all the icons you can live your life out like you would every day in real life. The whole application is one big discovery!

How will parents benefit?

Parents can set their child off and running with the application with some support from the outset. The application has some great educational value and life lessons. Work with your child creating their character, progressing through school and teaching them the values of finance, friendship and community.

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers can set their students off and running with the application with very little support from the outset. The application has some great educational value especially with the school lessons and how to interact with others.

How will the user benefit?

It’s great fun! Our users found the application a delight to use and kept playing the games again and again. They particularly enjoyed the differentiation of gameplay, there is something for everyone! 

What we love about the Perfect People app

The application has a multitude of gameplay modes and we love the attention to detail when creating our AI character. The random dice option is a lovely touch for those who are struggling to find that perfect look. The application teaches us so many lessons. Whether this is about donating, helping, socialising, health, finance, emotions, the list is endless. We enjoyed the layout and the interface of the application. It was easy to use and we discovered something new every time we played. The developers can be congratulated on the amount of work that has gone into creating this versatile application.

What the Perfect People app could improve on

Perfect People is an excellent application and there is a limited amount of improvements that can be made, however, we have suggested the following:

  • The developers may consider a parental lock on the application under the ‘Information’ icon on the first screen. We are concerned that some youngers users may access social media applications in this section.
  • We would like to see further explanation on the gameplay modes as most will opt for the Classic gameplay.
  • We would like to see explanations about the icons in the town at the start of the application.
  • We noticed that pressing the Play icon moves through the life of the AI, this should come with some warning or instructions. During the gameplay, our users commented that the age of their character moved on far too quickly.
  • The icon on the far left-hand side of the screen is difficult to press on smartphones that have face ID due to the notch out of the screen.
  • In the Supa Shot League, our users became increasingly frustrated that once the ball had gone over our characters head we could not jump back over the to play the ball again.
  • The developers may consider starting the application with more coins to enable the user to add features quicker.
  • The developers may consider creating a community on-line or as a classroom community where multiple users can see their classmates.
  • The developers may consider moving the icons closer together rather like a cityscape, this might create more of a sense of community and allow a further building to be added in future updates?

How much does Perfect People cost?

Perfect People is free; however, adverts do appear within the gameplay.

Is Perfect People safe to use?

Yes. The application does not require an account or email to start with. Adverts that were displayed were age-appropriate and we did not find anything offensive or concerning within the application. However, the age suggested within the Appstore is 4 years and above. This may lead to some interesting conversations with younger uses such as slapping a character or introducing them to terms such as cancer.

Overall Rating

Perfect People is one of the best learning role-playing games we have played. Not only does it come with a user-friendly platform and a variety of content the application encourages your child to explore the gameplay activities whilst providing an educational experience along with lifelong lessons. Perfect People comes highly recommended by The

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Android, iPad




Emotional Development
Academic Relevance
Thinking & Reasoning


In-App Purchases - No

In-App Advertising - Yes - 3rd Party


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