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About Pepper the App: Social Cooking

Pepper app is the primary way of interacting with Pepper's food and recipe-based social media platform. The platform is built for sharing, finding, and appreciating great recipes and, of course, the meals that result.

At the moment, Pepper is available only on iOS devices as a free download. After you've created an account, the app will be fully functional. 

Pepper the App: Social Cooking Review

What is Pepper app?

Pepper is for food fans to get together and share recipes. It is a social media platform with tools to standardise and ease sharing meals from simple, tasty breakfasts to fancy dinner-party enhancing dishes. Search, browse, comment, and share with like-minded food fans and chefs.

What we love about Pepper.

Content and functionality make a social media app worthwhile, and while a young entity, Pepper has got both right. The app rewards browsing and wisely follows conventions similar to other social media apps. You won't have to think about using the app but can concentrate on the wonderful food within.

People who want to find a great recipe have a new go-to option with Pepper. Those who like to experiment have an audience ready to taste, appreciate and comment on their recipes. It all works perfectly and comes together like a starred restaurant's taster menu.

Aside from the app's mouthwatering attractions for foodies and social approval for kitchen creators, there is a feeling of being at the start of something about to get much bigger.

Pepper's website has a personal feel with interesting blog articles that include its history, from its essential ingredients to the cooked-up dish it has become.

What skills does it improve?

Pepper is a sharing app that provides inspiration or instruction for those who want to create fabulous meals.

What age is it appropriate for?

Pepper is a social media app, and its privacy policy makes it clear that the service should not be used independently by kids under the age of 13.

Is Pepper easy to use?

The Pepper app is responsive and intuitive to navigate. Following your favourite creators, browsing, and searching are easy to do and not dissimilar to how other social media apps work.

When you've put together something you think is worth sharing, written up your recipe, and taken a photograph that will make stomachs rumble, you'll have no trouble getting that into the app. A quick click, and the world will see your culinary genius and respond.

What are the app's benefits?

People share recipes and comment on them using other forms of social media, but Pepper's focus on doing only this makes it much better for the purpose. A key benefit of Pepper over other social media is that its recipe format is standardised.

As a chef, you can fill in the gaps in the template to produce a recipe others can follow. As a follower of those recipes, you'll appreciate the clarity that the format ensures, and with each subsequent Pepper recipe you follow, you'll be more familiar with the layout.

Tags related to the type of food, the complexity of preparation and other food-relevant information make it straightforward to look for an appropriate dish. This is much easier than relying on discovering one in your social feed on another platform.

At the time of this review of Pepper, it is quite a new platform, so this could also be your chance to get in on the ground floor of a new medium and carve your niche before others get there.

How much does Pepper cost?

Pepper works similarly to the rest of the social-media world. The app is free to use with full functionality. 

Is Pepper safe to use?

Pepper's privacy policy is written in an accessible way without the impenetrable legal jargon of many privacy policies. Children under 13 are not the intended users of the app.

Social media also involves interacting with people users do not know, making the app unsuitable for children. There is a function to report inappropriate posts and comments.

Overall rating of the app. 

Pepper has hit its stride quickly. It must have been tempting to throw all sorts of interactions and features at the app, but, thankfully it has kept the sharing of recipes front and centre whether you are a reader, a creator or both.

Not everybody appreciates food enough for a dedicated social media app, but those who do, know who they are. If you are nodding your head, download the app, create the account quickly and simply, and make tonight's dinner a bit special by using this five-star app.

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