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Happy Mrs Chicken

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About Happy Mrs Chicken

Happy Mrs Chicken is a universal app from P2 Games. Peppa Pig and her family and friends co-star with Mrs Chicken and a bunch of chicks in this app which contains 5 mini-games and is suitable for preschool aged children. The child can earn stickers within the mini-games and then play with them in their sticker book. The games are Maze, Chicken Coop,Happy Mrs Chicken, Muddy Puddles and Jigsaws.

Kids can learn counting and problem solving. In several mini-games, kids are working toward a number goal -- hatching 100 chicks or getting 20 chicks through the maze -- so they'll be aware of the goal and count along as they work toward it. The puzzle game also develops spatial reasoning, and the maze game helps with problem solving. Kids will see that baby chicks hatch from eggs, too. Happy Mrs Chicken is hampered by imprecise controls and repetition, so kids may not stick with it for long.


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Peppa Pig’s No: 1 Kids Game App on iTunes is now available for Android devices. Peppa Pig’s top selling Number 1 Kids Game App on iTunes is now available on Android. Peppa Pig Happy Mrs Chicken includes 4 interactive games – plus special bonus reward sticker book. Featuring Peppa Pig and her family plus all the familiar music and sound effects this app is sure to delight all Peppa fans.

MUDDY PUDDLES Peppa Pig loves to splash in puddles and now you can too! - Play as either Peppa or George against one of their friends. Be the first to jump in as many muddy puddles as possible.

HAPPY MRS CHICKEN is based on the Nintendo DS mini-game and is directly inspired by a game that Peppa plays in the popular children’s TV series. The player can make Happy Mrs Chicken lay eggs and these eggs then hatch into chicks and scurry to either side of the screen.

CHICKEN COOP involves sending different coloured chicks to their correctly coloured homes and includes a mode against the clock.

SEED AND MAZE is a maze-style game that involves the player dropping a seed trail to guide the chicks home through a variety of 6 mazes.

STICKER BOOK - Collect virtual stickers along the way and decorate a ‘sticker book’ with many different items and characters.

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