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About Pepi Hospital

Pepi Hospital is an interactive app depicting a multi-level hospital. The child can move around four floors and eight different rooms on an elevator with different activities and experiences in each space. 

The Pepi Hospital: Learn & Care app is an educational and simulation-based mobile application that offers a virtual hospital environment for children to explore and learn.

Pepi Hospital Review

Available on Android and iOS platforms, Pepi Hospital allows you to manage your own hospital. Explore the different areas of the hospital, from the Emergency Room up to the Nursery. Meet the different characters including medical staff, patients, as well as regular visitors. Diagnose the patients using different tools such as the X-Ray machine, ultrasound, blood tests, and even an MRI. Once you know their illness, you can give them medicine or cure them through surgery. When you are done with the day’s work, you can start winding down at the hospital café. Order some pastries and fill up your own cup with coffee. Do your rounds and visit the patients around the hospital to interact with them.

This app is excellent for teaching body parts, places in the hospital, following directions, sequencing and storytelling. The app has a wide range of sounds and music. The people pretend to talk on the phone or to each other but it is gibberish language. There are no verbal instructions or discussions within the app. All verbalizations must be provided by the child or the adult assisting the child.

The game encourages parents to play together and use the games educational values - while your child is discovering the opportunities throughout all 4 floors of the hospital, you can help him by moderating their experiences, creating and going through character stories, explaining the nature and use of items, expanding child’s vocabulary and basic medicinal knowledge.

What do we like about Pepi Hospital: Learn & Care?

The app combines play and learning, making education enjoyable and interactive. It offers a hands-on approach to understanding medical concepts and promotes curiosity and interest in health-related topics.

What skills does it improve?

Through various medical scenarios and challenges, the app can help children develop problem-solving skills. They will encounter different situations and learn to make decisions and solve problems within the virtual hospital environment.

What age is it appropriate for?

Pepi Hospital: Learn & Care app is appropriate for all ages.

Is Pepi Hospital: Learn & Care free?

Pepi Hospital: Learn & Care app is available free to download on all Android and iOS devices.

Is Pepi Hospital: Learn & Care easy to use?

Pepi Hospital: Learn & Care app is designed for children, and has a user-friendly interface with intuitive navigation, clear instructions, and age-appropriate controls to ensure that children can easily interact with the app.

How will students benefit?

The app provides a virtual hospital setting where children can engage in various medical scenarios. They can play the role of doctors, nurses, or patients, experiencing different medical procedures and situations. The app likely offers interactive elements that allow children to perform tasks and activities within the hospital environment. This can include examining patients, taking vital signs, administering treatments, and carrying out medical procedures. 

The app incorporates educational elements to teach children about the human body, health, and medical care. It includes information about different organs, common ailments, and basic medical concepts in a kid-friendly and accessible manner. 

The app features open-ended play options that encourage children's creativity and imagination. They can create their own stories and scenarios within the hospital, fostering storytelling skills and imaginative thinking. The app allows children to customize and dress up their characters, giving them a sense of personalization and creativity.

How will parents benefit?

The Pepi Hospital: Learn & Care app encourages parent-child interaction and collaboration. While your child explores the different floors of the hospital and engages in various activities, you, as a parent, can actively participate by guiding and moderating their experiences. 

Together, you can create character stories, explain the purpose and functionality of different items, expand your child's vocabulary, and introduce basic medical knowledge.

What can Pepi Hospital: Learn & Care improve on?

Pepi Hospital: Learn & Care app has nothing to improve on.

How much does Pepi Hospital: Learn & Care cost?

Pepi Hospital: Learn & Care app is available at the cost of $3.99.

Final thoughts

Pepi Hospital: Learn & Care app offers an engaging and educational experience for children in a virtual hospital setting. With its features such as hospital simulation, interactive play, and educational content, the app aims to provide a platform for children to learn about healthcare and develop various skills.

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