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Pepi Bath 2

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  • age 2+

About Pepi Bath 2

Pepi Bath 2 is an entertaining app for young children learning early life skills. The app includes seven interactive situations that will have your child brushing their teeth, using the bathroom, bathing, taking care of clothes, dressing up, and taking care of laundry.

Teacher Review

Pepi Bath 2 is an updated version of the popular Pepi Bath app, which encourages preschoolers to think about washing and other hygiene routines. In Pepi Bath 2, you are presented with a choice of four characters to play with - a girl, a boy, a cat and a dog. Having chosen your character, you can play out one of six scenarios with them - using the toilet, brushing teeth, washing clothes, bathing, getting dressed or ironing clothes. Within each scenario, other activities are included to cover other aspects such as cutting nails, washing hands, folding clothes and so on. The interface is very simple to use, even for very young children, with instructions being implicit or gently hinted out throughout. There is a parents’ section that can be accessed from the main menu as well, which provides some background information for adults supervising.

The graphics and sound throughout the game are of a very high quality - each background, character and animation really pops from the screen and will be sure to engage young players. Although on the face of it the app is for entertainment alone, it really connects to the way that young children learn, and seeks to address many of the problems that parents of preschoolers have with trying to maintain a healthy routine for their youngsters. Given that this age group learns very effectively through play and role play situations, this app really hits the mark in terms of trying to develop early self care skills and provide a basis for discussion between parents and young children.

Given the target age group, there is plenty of content here to allow replayability, although any supervising grown ups may find repeated playing ever more tedious! Overall, this app has been well thought out, and designed very capably to meet the requirements of young children and their carers. The likeable characters are very relatable, and there are so many aspects covered that provide useful starting points for discussions and behaviour modelling.  This app could provide a basis for developing a routine that both child and parent were really happy with, or just simple entertainment if that were all that was required.

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Pepi Bath 2 is a role playing game, a toy and a little helper — depends on what are you looking for. It's a fun way to experience bathroom routines and take care of cute, little friends. We took boring things and made them fun to encourage learning through play.

Pepi Bath 2 is a sequel to fan favourite and critically praised game Pepi Bath. Same at it's core, but also expanded in every possible direction. Pepi Bath 2 offers updated graphics, smooth animations, four cute characters, new scenes and loads of fun!

The app has six different scenes — each of them covering different bathroom situation:
- at the sink,
- in the bath,
- going to a toilet,
- taking care of clothes,
- dressing up,
- laundry room.

Pepi Bath 2 can be played both as a set process of cleaning or without any pre-set sequence, kids are free to choose what they do. We also encourage parents to play together. As a parents we get into frustrating situations now and then — kids won't allow to brush their hair, protest any attempt to clean their nose or cut the nails. PEPI BATH 2 is here to help. Play together, talk about activities and learn that there's nothing scary in keeping yourself tidy. It's actually fun, especially when bubbles gets involved!

No third-party advertising.
No in-app purchases.

Recommended ages: 2-6

The app is part of Apple's VPP for schools.

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