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About Penultimate

Penultimate is an iPad app that lets users write, sketch or draw on their device. Penultimate features different notebooks with unlimited pages. Each notebook corresponds to different categories as defined by the user. The app's inking technology makes pen strokes that feel natural so it feels like using an actual piece of paper and pen. Penultimate is available for free to download on iPad devices.

Penultimate Review

What is Penultimate?

Penultimate is a digital handwriting app that offers distraction-free, natural handwriting and sketching with the power of Evernote’s handy sync and search. You can use it to take class or meeting notes, or simply write down your thoughts and ideas.

Users can read or convert the entire notebook or specific pages as a PDF file, and send it via email. The app’s display and interface is also stunning and functional with its elegant design and user-friendly menus and options.

Penultimate for iPad is designed for business users, writers, sketch artists or anyone who wants an organized way to write their thoughts and ideas.

Is Penultimate free?

Penultimate is available for free to download on iPad devices.

Features Penultimate

Making the experience of pen and paper much more productive, Penultimate allows you to choose from a number of paper styles or create personalised paper by exporting onto a page. Convenient for those ‘hand-written essays’ you’re due to hand in, Penultimate could well become your new best friend.

The app permits you to make all types of handwritten notes on your mobile with the ability to access them later on any device. The app syncs with all the devices and the changes appear automatically on all of them. There are no limits on how you take your notes so you can rather write, draw, or make graphs.

That said, the app works better if you have a stylus. Besides, the app offers you several brushes for writing or drawing and you can change the size and the color of them. You can change the look of the “paper” you’re writing on and make it lined or squared.

You can also attach the pics and the links to your notes. Therewith, you can mark your notes with keywords for easy searching. You can also categorize the notes as you want and set up group access to them.

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Download Penultimate

You can download Penultimate on your iOS devices from the Apple App Store.

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