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A simple app that guides children through counting, basic addition and number bonds, while focussing on rapid recall and deeper learning.  

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From counting through to addition, this app focuses on rapid recall alongside deeper learning.  Upon opening the app, children can clearly see the play button, while adults can quickly read the instructions giving an overview of the app if needed.  Upon clicking play, children are required to register as a new user or select an existing user which then takes them to their previous level.  Within the play feature there are several levels:  The first concerns counting to 10 using penguins, the second level introduces number bonds to 10 while the third level extends this to number bonds to 20.  The fourth level expects children to identify several addition question up to 20 and the fifth level offers the same questions under timed conditions.

The app begins by introducing children to the concept of counting using visual representations, the penguin.  Children are presented with a set of scales, on one side a number and on the other side children are instructed to drag and drop the correct number of penguins to balance the scales.  A great, although almost hidden feature, concerns how the scales move: a bigger number tilts the scale further, while a smaller number only tilts it a little.  This emphasises learning as the size of a number is reinforced by the movement of the scale in addition to the number of penguins shown.  Correct answers lead to the next question, while an incorrect answer instructs children to “try again”.  It should be noted that incorrect answers can be overlooked and the developer might consider emphasising these errors, or ideally, it would be nice to see incorrect errors corrected immediately, with children attempting the question again until completed correctly. 

Once children have mastered counting, they are the directed to number bonds within 10.  They are shown numbers alongside small dots: the penguins have been removed and replaced with dots representing the number.  Children need 15 correct answers to progress onto number bonds to 20, while a further 40 questions at this level to unlock the fourth phase.  This level offers an interesting twist on number bonds, asking children to identify pairs of numbers that sum to the number shown, this encourages children to think at a much deeper level than simply recalling facts.  Finally, the fifth level presents the same skill but under timed conditions.  These features inspire children to think further than simple facts, since the more number bonds they identify, the more points they score.  However, again, it would be nice to see missed number bonds highlighted here rather than overlooked, this would further consolidate children’s learning.

Finally, there is also a section for user information which details a time spent learning and correct and incorrect answers for each level.  This allows adults to adjust the level depending on children’s level of learning.

Overall, a simple app designed to engage children which covers the essentials of early learning.  More importantly, clearly thought through pedagogy, focussing on both deeper learning and rapid recall.

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Developer Description

Learning addition can be fun and educational. Penguin Addition blends learning with fun in an app which teaches addition basics and gives your child a strong math foundation. Penguin Addition is designed for those who are just learning to count to those who want to become wizards at addition sums to 20.

• Learn quantities of 0-10
• Master addition sums to 20
• Sharpen reverse math skills

"My 7 yr old daughter is typically hesitant to play any math facts game, but the Penguin Math game engaged her so much that she couldn't wait to play it again. She especially loved the 60 second challenge game!"
Tanya, Teacher and Parent

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