Peg and Pog

A language learning game.

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About Peg and Pog

Peg and Pog are two children who want your child to join them as they play.  The app provides a place where you and your child can play, experiment, talk and learn together.

Peg and Pog Review

Educational apps are quite unlike traditional learning toys and games, they can enforce rules and keep those playing them on pre-defined paths.  Their ability to guide and respond to their players has been embraced by developers and parents alike and led to some very successful learning products.  But, perhaps, abandoning the more open and free nature of older educational games and toys has also taken away one of the ways in which parents and young children can use their imaginations and conversations to build skills and knowledge.

The developers of Peg and Pog certainly think so.

This truly gorgeous-looking app has everything you would want in an app aimed at young children.  It has beautiful graphics, rich sound effects, fun music, and an easy-to-use interface.  What it doesn't have is a set of strict rules.  Its developers describe it as an "immersive play adventure" and this seems a good description.

Within each scene, children can move, drag, and interact with the main characters (Peg and Pog, plus Cosmo the cat) and play with other elements that appear.  There isn't any stated goal - just a chance to experiment, observe, and talk.  The first two of these, children can do alone with the app as it is quite usable and fun this way, but the third is where the app really comes into its own.  Parents can talk to their children about what they are doing and what they are seeing and hearing.

Why won't the on-screen children Peg and Pog stay permanently underwater without coming to the surface?  Why do the fish not need to do the same?  With what letter does each creature's name start?  These questions are suggestions for one scene, the first presented on the menu screen, but the others are available from the outset.  In some, children can think about emotions, feelings, and empathy.  In others, logic and science are introduced.  You may even think of ways to stimulate thinking that have not been considered by the app's developers as you converse with your child.

The ideas for engaging and stimulating children's thinking in each scene does not have to come just from yourself: there are copious notes and guidance downloadable from the app's developers.  That's where these questions came from.  There are also quite a few other printable resources that you can use to support the app.

Each scene is also assisted by a vocabulary list where each word can be seen in written form and spoken.  Rather nicely, the app's multiple languages mean you could also use this app to introduce young children to a second language. But, if you don't want to get into spelling and just concentrate on something else, you can.  There's no time limits and no lives to be lost. Start counting creatures, talking about the environment in each scene, which clothes are best for what weather or even thinking about the differences between random noise and music.

It has already been mentioned that this app looks great, but its art style is subtly unique.  Its inhabitants are large and brightly coloured as in many children's apps but there is a beautiful texturing to many of the creatures. Geometric, almost wallpaper-like patterns gently overlay some of the colours and, while you might think that this sounds strange, it works really well.  It makes the whole app's artistic style unified, varied, and lovely to look at.

The sound within the app is of similar quality.  Sound effects are prompted by interactions and some just provide an ambience to the experience.  Spoken words are clear without strong accents.

When you first use this app you might feel it is missing something with its lack of rules.  It isn't.  Children's imagination and, hopefully, your company and input will make it into the full experience that its developers have tried to create.  An experience that provides a place for parents and doesn't try to edge them out with its own desires.  There will even be a few surprises along the way.

Keep an open mind and take your child to follow Peg and Pog in this wonderful app.

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Android, iPad, iPhone



Cognitive Development
Communication Skills
Emotional Development
Thinking & Reasoning


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Kenikeni Ltd

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