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This app lets you manage all of your writing projects from your Smartphone. You can find information about your research, get feedback on your grammar and cite and organise all of your sources. This app is great because it gets you to think about your bibliography and about how it impacts the quality and presentation of your writing. Also, those who have a very dense bibliography will be able to keep track of it in a very proficient manner. It helps with the planning and execution of writing projects so that you are always up to date and on track! 

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Developer Description

Get the free app as a part of your Writer subscription to manage your writing and research anywhere you go. (Subscribe at

Manage all of your writing projects from your iPhone or iPod—get answers to your questions about research and grammar, instantly cite (search or scan) and organize your sources, keep notes, and view full-text sources while you research.

Writer gives reliable answers to all of your questions about research, documentation, grammar and other writing topics. No need to carry around a handbook or weed through search engine results. Just use the Writing Guide search engine to see relevant and clear explanations, videos, podcasts, and examples.

Manage your essays and research projects. You can keep track of your due dates, keep notes, and manage all of your sources for each project. Your “Bibliography Score” will flag any potential issues for you. And a “Progress Checklist” will help you stay on schedule from beginning to end. You can even search and view full-text journals and books so you can do your research when you’re on the go.

• Writer’s Guide: Search a comprehensive library of content on research, grammar, and writing topics. Get answers to your questions with text, video, audio, and examples.
• My Projects: Manage writing and research projects. Track due date and progress. Cite and organize sources. Check your “Bibliography Score.” Add and view notes.
• Cite a Source: Cite sources in various documentation styles, including MLA and APA. Cite books, journals, and Web sites using a simple search engine. Or quickly cite a book by holding scanning the bar code with your camera. Keep track of all your citations.
• Find a Source: Search, view, and cite full-text sources.

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