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About Pear Deck

Pear Deck is a web-based interactive presentation and lesson delivery tool that works as an add-on or integration with a range of other products. Students utilise Pear Deck tickets to attend teachers' sessions and then use their devices to follow along with the teacher's slideshow on the classroom screen. Students can also do student-paced decks in class or at home if they subscribe to the premium Premium plan. Teachers can halt in-person delivery at any point where they've added one of the various question types, such as drawing, dragging, text, number, or multiple choice.

Pear Deck Review

What do we like about Pear Deck?

The best place to start is by converting current PowerPoint or Google Slides presentations to Pear Deck lessons using the Pear Deck add-on. Although it requires some effort up front, the payback in terms of student participation is well worth it. To recap a concept from a prior lesson, collect student questions or feedback about last night's homework, or open today's lesson with a question or issue, including a Pear Deck question slide or template. Sprinkle multiple-choice, true/false, and thumbs-up/down questions throughout a lecture to rapidly determine if a concept has to be retaught.

What skills does it improve on?

Pear Deck is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to formative evaluation. However, the teacher's attention to lesson flow, content selection, diversity, and timing will determine the usefulness of any tool of this type. Teachers should spend time putting up the interactive aspects in their lessons to get the most out of them. While time-consuming initially, this involvement is essential for developing participant engagement and comprehension. Draggable responses and drawing inquiries will appeal to students of all ages.

What age is it appropriate for?

Pear Deck is appropriate for students in grades 3 to 12. 

Is Pear Deck free?

Pear Deck is available for free and in the paid version.

Is Pear Deck easy to use?

Teachers can make changes to their existing slideshows. Collects a range of on-the-spot, instructive data. This is an intriguing platform that has the potential to significantly increase engagement with formative assessment.

How will students benefit?

Teachers can use students' replies to differentiate future classes and focus on areas where they need to improve. Keep in mind that once students react, they'll likely turn to the teacher for rapid feedback, which can be difficult depending on the question type. When sharing examples and giving feedback, teachers will want to be careful not to identify students, especially when displaying anonymous student answers.

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers can quickly review students' responses to these questions, either one at a time or in a grid layout, and broadcast the findings anonymously on-screen for all students to see. Students can also analyse and reply to daily news stories, create flashcards with illustrations, play games, and exercise responsible digital citizenship using additional tools. Teachers have various powers over the student experience depending on whether they have a free or premium membership.

How will parents benefit?

Use an exit ticket at the end of a lesson to assess how well your students comprehended the material. You can use any style of the slide for this, but short-answer or numerical slides are excellent open-ended ways to check comprehension.

What can Pear Deck improve on?

It takes time to master the art of giving effective presentations. Some hobbies (such as drawing) can be difficult to do while using a phone.

How much does Pear Deck cost?

Pear Deck costs $149.99 for teachers. 

Final thoughts

Premium features like draggable responses and drawing slides are great for elementary pupils since they cater to a wide range of learning styles. Use the Flashcard Factory tool to have students collaborate to build a set of classroom flashcards that can then be exported to Gimkit. To keep your classes exciting and fresh, switch up the question kinds you use, regardless of the reason. Teachers should also use built-in and add-on accessibility capabilities to differentiate instruction and assist students from a variety of backgrounds and learning styles.

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