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About PeakFinder

PeakFinder is an app that lets you enjoy mountain peaks at home or from anywhere, at any time. The app shows the names of all mountains and peaks with a 360° panorama display.

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PeakFinder Review

What do we like about Peakfinder?

The application contains data on more than 800,000 peaks, ranging from Mount Everest to the nearby small hill. Additionally, the app functions offline and displays all global peaks in real time.

What skills does it improve?

PeakFinder allows teleporting to a custom location. The app uses AR to display an overlay of peak labels for each peak in your camera’s view. There are additional overlays, such as a yellow line showing the path of the sun along with the a label for sunrise and sunset times.

What age is it appropriate for?

PeakFinder is appropriate for users who love mountains.

Is Peakfinder free?

PeakFinder is available for free to download on all Android and iOS devices.

Is Peakfinder easy to use?

PeakFinder is perfect for outdoor trekkers because it maintains a sizable database that is stored on your phone and functions both online and offline. It is simple to carry it to the summit of your preferred peak. You may retrieve the names of all the peaks visible within 200 miles by tapping your finger. It's rather impressive.

How will students benefit?

You can utilise the "Show me" feature of the app to locate peaks that are visible in your immediate vicinity or at the specified coordinates. You can utilise the GPS-set viewpoint or search for one on a map or peak directory online.

Additionally, you can travel from peak to peak and vertically upwards to investigate the desired peak as well as nearby peaks. The application also displays the rising and setting times for the solar and lunar orbits.

This application provides you with a view of the peak using a compass and motion sensors. The peak directory is updated every day for you. Additionally, there are no commercials on the app, so you won't be disturbed while watching.

How much does Peakfinder cost?

PeakFinder is available at the cost of $4.99.

Final thoughts

You may enjoy mountain peaks from anywhere, at any time, using the PeakFinder app. With a 360° panorama display, the app lists all mountains' and peaks' names. You can pick from any peak in its extensive directory.

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Download PeakFinder

You can download PeakFinder on your iOS devices from the Apple App Store.

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