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pdfFiller Review

pdfFiller is a PDF editor, creator, and document management tool that can set your school on its way to becoming paperless. You can use it to design new documents or edit existing ones, turning them into interactive forms as you do. After a 30-day trial of the full app, pdfFIller becomes subscription-based and comes with a 180-day money-back guarantee.

The complete pdfFiller toolset is available through its web app. During this review of pdfFiller, it was tested on the major browsers and worked without issue on each one. There are also free-to-download apps available for iOS and Android and, at the time of this review, beta desktop apps for Windows and Mac.

App Information

Cloud Support Cloud Support

Suitable for ages - Ages 18 and older
Secondary School Apps (14-18 Years)

Subjects & Topics - Productivity

Great for - Organisational and Productivity Skills

Publisher - airSlate, Inc.

pdfFiller Features

  • Import documents from anywhere
  • Add interactive fillable forms to your PDFs
  • Share your documents 
  • Sign documents and collect eSignatures like a pro
  • Collaborate on documents in teams
  • Track shared documents in real-time
  • Document management from anywhere, on any device

How much does pdfFiller app cost?

pdfFiller is a subscription-based app. You can use the full app for free for 30 days and have the option of a 180-day money-back guarantee.

pdfFiller basic plan costs $96 per user/per year and pdfFiller premium plan costs $180 per user/per year.

Is it good for learning?

pdfFiller is a productivity app rather than a learning app. Teachers can use it for admin, lesson resource preparation, and organisation. Older students could use it for learning material organisation and assignment writing.

This app's tools are built around managing, creating, modifying, converting, and annotating PDF files. Further details of how schools might use these effectively are given in the 'How will teachers benefit?' section of this review.

Screenshots for pdfFiller

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pdfFiller is a user-friendly and powerful way to utilise PDFs.

This app lets you harness PDFs' convenience and capability for a whole school. With pdfFiller, you won't have to change how your school does things, create new forms, or replicate existing ones. Everything can stay the same, but the exchange of those forms, and the information they convey, is far more streamlined and safer than when you rely on paper.

Once you start to use the tools of pdfFiller, the whole school community can benefit as communication improves and speeds up. 


pdfFiller has many options that reflect its usefulness outside education. Teachers who have used less powerful software and exported it to PDF might not realise how useful some of the features could be in the classroom, and they rarely have time to experiment. 

An included user guide dedicated to teachers and typical school/classroom uses could inspire and inform teachers to make the most of pdfFiller.

Beginners, especially those who might not have used a similar service, might appreciate it if there was a setting to limit the options to a subset most appropriate to a particular use. For example, teachers interested mainly in PDF creation might be less overwhelmed at first if some of the other options were not visible.

These suggestions are not in any way criticisms but instead reflect possible differences between its use in schools and industry. The app's website shows how schools have used the app, but only school software buyers tend to see these pages, not the majority of staff who use the apps.

What is pdfFiller app?

It is important to recognise that pdfFiller is more than a document creation app with all the layout tools you expect. It is also a document management app.

While pdfFiller is an accomplished package for creating and editing PDF files, it also has a strong document management toolset. These features can help schools cut down on their reliance on paper and thereby speed up and increase the safety of communication using forms, reports, and other crucial documents.

Cross-school administration, school-to-home communication, home-to-school communication, and the creation of teaching resources can all benefit from pdfFiller. 

Benefits for Students

Older students could use pdfFiller for organising learning resources. Combining notes, documents, and other resources into one themed document could make revision easier. Having all these safe in the cloud and available to access anywhere will avoid any unfortunate losses.

Benefits for Teachers

We gave some advice to our Teacher App Library newsletter subscribers recently. It said that teachers who want to increase their efficiency and improve their workflow should extend their requests for recommendations to people working outside of education. 

Were it not for us recommending pdfFiller to you in this review, many teachers might not have encountered it within their network of educational contacts. This would have been a great pity as pdfFiller has the potential to make your document handling much more efficient, flexible, and secure. 

Whether you want to make learning resources or streamline your school's document handling, we found pdfFiller to be capable and comprehensive. 

Flexibility: The web-based platform for pdfFiller is a plus point for schools as IT managers won't have to worry about updates. For teachers, it puts this valuable tool at your fingertips whether you are working in your classroom, staffroom, or home.  

Android and iOS (with desktop apps in beta at the time of review) users can also use the app through well-designed downloadable apps. Document creation will always be more convenient with a hardware keyboard, mouse, and large screen, but the apps are great for minor adjustments or checking documents.

Security: pdfFiller conforms to many standards, including GDPR. As you might be using the app for documents that contain kids' data this is an important consideration. When you need a parental signature, the eSignature tools of pdfFiller offer a suitable method that is quick and convenient for schools and parents.

Feature set: While there might be features available in pdfFiller you won't often need in educational documents, we encountered no omissions during this review. Whether creating a document from scratch, editing an existing PDF, or exporting to a different format, pdfFiller had the tools we needed.

Efficiency: Existing documents don't need to be created from the ground up. You can take permission slips, reports and other documents with gaps for completing and turn them into an online form. Place these on your school's website or send them to parents, and they can complete them easily before sending them back electronically. You can also link relevant data to forms to complete documents in bulk.

Compatibility: pdfFiller allows integration with popular cloud-storage solutions, including Google Drive and OneDrive. There are also add-ons that will help teachers integrate pdfFiller with popular Google services like Gmail and Docs, and MS Office. Along with pdfFiller's annotation and editing tools, this makes collaboration and communication easier across the school.

Download pdfFiller

You can download pdfFiller on your iOS or Android devices from the app stores. Download the pdfFiller app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is pdfFiller app safe to use?

As pdfFiller is a document editing and creation app, its content is mainly in the hands of the user, so there is no inappropriate content. Existing documents in the app are user guides.

pdfFiller is cloud-based, so you will be saving your documents to the cloud. The app uses strong encryption to ensure only intended readers of your files can see them. 

The documents are not held hostage by pdfFiller, as you can save your finished files to your personal storage devices and then delete them from the cloud. Obviously, this does remove the convenience of easy access, collaboration, and sharing, but if you want to be the sole holder of a PDF this is an option.

Is pdfFiller app easy to use?

As with any productivity tool that is powerful and flexible, most users will need some time to familiarise themselves with the app. The tools and processes reflect typical user interface design in other document and text editing tools, so most of it will be straightforward. 

While the app is loading or preparing documents, pdfFiller offers some tips, hints, and suggestions. Do read these, especially when you first get the app, as they often tell you of a feature you might not have thought to look for or offer a time-saving shortcut.

The app's website has a section showing how teachers in K-12 (reception to year 13) could use pdfFiller to its fullest potential.

Bottom Line

While there are pros and cons of downloadable against cloud-based apps, there are compelling reasons to prefer the cloud for document creation. Flexibility, convenience, ease of collaboration, and facilitating sharing are some of these reasons. 

pdfFiller is another reason. It enables these desirable traits of cloud-based apps to shine with its clear user interface and excellent toolset. The developers of pdfFiller must know this, too, as the trial and money-back options are ahead of most other software services. You also have the option of the under-development desktop apps, if you prefer, and the mobile apps.

Make the most of a thirty-day trial of pdfFiller; use it for admin and lesson resources. You might find that it is an indispensable tool that streamlines workflows across the school, possibly in ways you hadn't considered. If not, you'll still have a great selection of new pdf-based documents and resources.

pdfFiller, is easy-to-use, powerful, and highly relevant to modern schools, making it a five-star Educational App Store certified app.

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