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PDFelement Review

PDFelement is a feature-rich toolset for working with PDF files. It lets users take one or more PDFs and edit, convert, annotate, compress, compile and much more. Teachers and students can use this functionality to create, share, and use their learning materials.

PDFelement is truly multi-platform with iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows apps. You can also do some basic PDF editing using its cloud-based service. The app is free to download on all devices, and you can use a subset of its features. A subscription unlocks all of its features and updates, or you can buy a perpetual license to the current version with no further costs.

PDFelement Features

  • Create, edit, convert and sign PDF documents
  • Add text, images, and shapes to PDFs
  • Insert links and add watermarks to your document
  • Redact text or images to hide sensitive information 
  • Securely sign PDF
  • Take notes and annotate PDFs
  • Fast file conversion from Word, Excel to PDFs 

Screenshots of PDFelement

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How much does PDFElement app cost?

You can download PDFelement for free and use many of its features. The saved files include a watermark, and some parts can't be used or are restricted. Absent features include OCR, and file-size compression. Limited features include pdf combining and note creation.

Free version vs Premium version

There are many different options for individuals. These reflect the length of time you might wish to subscribe and the platforms you use. You can also buy a perpetual license that is yours to keep without subscription fees.

Wondershare PDFelement has 2 pricing edition(s), from $79.99 to $129.99. A free trial of Wondershare PDFelement is also available.

For specific educational use, there is a reduced-cost option for students. You can contact the developer to negotiate a package for the whole-school deployment of more than twenty users.

You can buy subscriptions through your device's app store or direct through PDFelement's website.

Is it good for learning?

PDFelement is as educational as the documents you provide it. Teachers can compile supporting resources for students, but they might also use the app to streamline their admin work. You can scan forms, documents, and letters using PDFelement's tools to ensure that you always have them to hand and can't lose them.

What is Wondershare PDFElement app?

You use Wondershare PDFelement to adjust, create, compress PDF and edit PDF documents using tools similar to those in popular document creation and editing software like Microsoft Word.  

It is also useful when you receive a document from someone else. The app lets you read PDFs and treat them like paper versions. You can highlight and annotate them while revising or in meetings and lectures.

There are additional features that are more specific to certain tasks. These include signing documents, translation, and protection of PDFs. We can't list all of the many features in this review of PDFelement, but its supporting website has a clear overview of the features and how you might use them.

PDFelement competes directly with Adobe Acrobat by offering a similarly powerful and convenient feature set at a much lower subscription price. It also offers something many users of Adobe Acrobat wish they could have: a perpetual license where users can pay a single fee for permanent access to the current version.   

What we like about PDFElement app?

For people familiar with working with PDFs, it is easy to decide which features you need and what they all do. It is more difficult if you are not so familiar with managing your documents using PDFs. 

PDFelement's website does a great job explaining the features and how you might use them, whereas some other PDF solutions just present feature lists. PDFelement goes further and gives examples of how those in education have used the convenience and organisational benefits of the app. 

If you are a teacher or student looking to improve your organisation and decrease your reliance on paper documents, look at the site for ideas.

The most important feature of a tool like PDFelement is that users can forget they are using it. The document is what the user needs, and this should take centre stage, which with PDFelement it does. 

The ease of use and elegant user interface allows the app's users to quickly familiarise themselves with their most-needed tools and engage with the document. Using the app felt quick and responsive even when lots of notes and highlights were added to a page.

The Pros of using PDFelement

The PDF file format is a standard, and technically, all PDF editors and creators should produce consistent results. In practice, there might be some differences due to minor quirks in each developer's implementation of the standard.

These differences rarely make a material difference to the documents, but if you need absolute consistency across various documents, you should stick with a single free PDF editor for all of them.

No app can overcome the limitations of the device it is on. Highlighting text is effective and straightforwards on any screen, but if you want to make handwritten notes or diagrams, you'll need to use something like an iPad with Apple Pencil.

There are some important distinctions between the different platforms for PDFElement. Options on the desktop app may not be present on the mobile app. The feature that you'll most likely notice this with is Optical Character Recognition. 

More Information

Cloud Support Cloud Support

Suitable for ages - Ages 18 and older
Secondary School Apps (14-18 Years)

Subjects & Topics - Productivity

Great for - Organisational and Productivity Skills

Benefits for Students

Modern courses use various electronic documents, and these can leave students having to juggle large amounts of paper or deal with files scattered across different sites. When students receive their study materials, they can convert them into PDFs using PDFElement. Combined with their favourite cloud service (or the 1GB that comes with a premium account), they'll have access to the materials wherever they are.

This ready availability will let students turn any spare time into learning time.

As PDFElement is an editor as well as a reader, its support for students doesn't end there. They can highlight and annotate the documents as they see fit and even share these amended documents with classmates for shared and supported learning.

Benefits for Teachers

PDFs have many benefits for educators. They smooth the sharing of documents between staff members who might each use different devices and apps. They are a popular format for disseminating study materials to students across VLEs or email.

It is reassuring to know that a file sent to somebody else is accessible, and the PDF format is ideal for this. Using PDFElement's annotation tools will let teachers continue with practices they used with paper documents but with the added benefit of digital security and portability.

Benefits for Parents

Being a parent involves a lot of administration. From managing household bills to school letters, parents can make their paperwork more organised and efficient by storing it as PDFs.  PDFElement can make this as easy as taking a photo with its scanning features.

The Cons of using PDFelement

PDFElement's supporting information is generally excellent but has a few unexpected gaps. The key one is its FAQ section which users of all devices might have cause to need, but the FAQ link leads to a page focused on the macOS version only.

Expanding this to all supported devices would make the onboarding process a little more consistent for all users.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR), which can extract text from a photograph and make it into an editable format, is not available through mobile apps for PDFElement. This feature is present on other mobile PDF editor apps, so it would be good to see its presence extended from the desktop to mobile for PDFElement.

If you want PDFElement to detect text in an image, you can capture the file using your mobile device, but then you'll need to do the recognition on the desktop. The final PDF will be usable on your mobile device, and the process should be convenient using cloud-based storage.

Download PDFelement

You can download PDFelement on your iOS or Android devices from the app stores. Download the PDFelement app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

You can download PDFelement on your Windows devices from the Windows Store.

Download PDFelementfor Android Download PDFelementfor iOS Download PDFelementfor Windows

Final Verdict: PDFelement Review

Budget constraints are biting hard on schools, and students have always needed to be careful how they spend money supporting their learning. One area where they can look to make a saving is in software. It might be tempting to stick with the familiar, but trying something new and less costly could be liberating.

PDFelement is one way to do this through its lower-priced subscription or perpetual license. Its feature set is likely to exceed what most users need. It may have some differences to apps you already use but not so great that a bit of time won't overcome them.

PDFEelement is a great PDF editor. Examine its trial on whichever devices you prefer and see if it is really in your interest to pay more for competing software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is PDFelement app safe to use?

Any content in PDFelement is user-added. You can choose to use the app with cloud storage, either its own or a third-party service you already use. Whether you choose to store personal or sensitive documents on a cloud storage service of any form is a user choice and may also need to conform with school policies.

There are no third-party advertisements in PDFelement trial or subscription versions.

What age is it appropriate for?

PDF documents created by teachers in PDFelement will be accessible by kids of any age on any device. Directly using PDFelement is likely to be something that older students and staff members will most likely need.

Is PDFelement app easy to use?

As with any software with many options and features, it might take a bit of practice to become thoroughly familiar with PDFelement. However, anyone used to working with modern apps should have no problem picking up PDFelement. 

When you first use the app, overlays guide you through features and relevant gestures or controls.

The crucial editing tools use familiar methods of interaction. You likely won't need to learn how to use the more advanced tools immediately, and you can use the app's helpful support to understand how these work and when to use them. 

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