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PCAT by Sprockit Apps is a simple flashcard-based study app for the Pharmacy College Admission Test. Complete with over 1000 existing flashcards and the ability to create new ones; this app is full of quality content and is incredibly easy to use. Further features are available but are locked behind in-app purchases, limiting the usefulness of the app. This app has received an EAS Certification of 4 Stars.

Teacher Review

PCAT by Sprockit Apps is a flashcard-based app designed with the Pharmacy College Admission Test in mind. The app comes with a full list of 1201 built-in flash cards with a question on one side and an answer on the other. Users can swipe through these cards and test their memory with side, as well as editing the existing cards and creating their own ones. Users can choose to filter their flashcards by certain categories and can flag cards to revisit later.
The app is very simplistic in design, there are no menus to trawl through and every useful feature or option is available in a single tab. There is also a large amount of content available, between chemistry, biology, vocabulary and necessary quantitative facts and figures. The ability to add your own flashcard is also useful and easy to do, simply needing content for the question, content for the answer and a category.
The app’s most useful features however, are locked behind in-app purchases. For 69p each (at time of writing), users can shuffle the order of the flashcards, create a new category for more customization options or even take a multiple choice quiz based on the content of the app. The latter two would be especially useful, as one of my main criticisms of the app is how linear it is. There are certain cards where the question requires you to fill in the blanks, but the card after may be the same sentence with different blanks. This is less likely to make the user think about the presented information than it is to encourage them to just memorize a set sentence. The multiple choice quiz would also be very helpful as a means of measuring understanding, something which this app does not otherwise do.
In short, this is a very useful app for quick reference and low-level revision, but will not help the user truly understand the information being presented. The app is very lightweight however, and fits its purpose to a tee, though it would be nice to see one or two of the optional features included with the app; the app is not free to begin with, and things such as a shuffle button feel like they should be basic functionality.

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Developer Description


Preparing for the PCAT® is no small challenge - get the mobile advantage & have a full study system ready at your fingertips with PCAT® for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Don’t waste time creating study materials from scratch, get this powerful study app and get access to 1,100+ PCAT® flashcards instantly.


PCAT® is a mobile study guide with the power to help you get prepared for the Pharmacy College Admission Test - commonly known as the PCAT - from anywhere.

Get the PCAT® app and say goodbye to countless hours wasted filling in paper flashcards, or flipping through thousands of pages of pharmaceutical books without an effective way to practice recalling the information you take in.

Your loyal digital study buddy, PCAT® features over 1,100 unique flashcards, covering the 5 key study sections which are included in the formal PCAT test. Simply select the subject or area concentration you want to focus on, and begin moving through the wealth of subject-specific digital cards within the app. Master all the relevant information, terms, and definitions you’ll need to know come test day, and do it without any undue hassle. With the PCAT®, it’s easy to do.


PCAT® - Studying Made Simple at a Glance:

* Perfect for busy students constantly on the move: Studying for the PCAT® takes a lot of time - the convenience of studying from anywhere right on your iOS device makes brushing up on important concepts everywhere from work/school commutes to downtime while out of the house a reality.

* Simply swipe through flashcards, tapping on each one to flip it over and view answers to questions, formulas, and more.

* Don’t see a term in our flashcard bank? No problem. Create and store your own definitions and flashcards in seconds as well.


PCAT® Categories Covered Include:

* Inorganic Chemistry
* Organic Chemistry
* Biology
* Vocabulary
* Quantitative
* + Many Others



* Developed by experienced pharmacists.
* Elegantly intuitive interface.
* Comprehensive review options covering every subject you need to know in order to pass the PCAT®.
* Intuitive flashcards & accessible information flow.
* Tools to create and store personal flashcards.
* Support for portrait and landscape modes.
* Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
* *NEW* Sleek redesign of user interface.
* *NEW* Flag specific flashcards.
* *NEW* Randomize new cards.
* *NEW* Add new custom categories.
* *NEW* Quiz feature.

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