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About PBS KIDS ScratchJr

PBS Kids ScratchJr is a PBS Kids-themed version of the popular ScratchJr app. PBS Kids ScratchJr is available as a free iPad app and as a free Android app. The app is designed to help five to eight year old students learn basic programming concepts through a drag-and-drop interface.

PBS KIDS ScratchJr Review

PBS KIDS ScratchJr is an app developed in collaboration between PBS Kids and MIT, the developer of the Scratch programming language, which was designed to help kids express themselves through code.

What do we like about PBS Kids Scratch Jr?

Children can use blocks of code to control the behaviours of PBS characters from Wild Kratts, Peg + Cat, Nature Cat, and WordGirl in the story-making tool.

What skills does it improve?

There are several options for the character and setting, and ready-made programmes that let learners practise reverse design. Interactive design is entertaining when storytelling and artistic creativity are combined with computer code.

What age is it appropriate for?

PBS KIDS ScratchJr is appropriate for kids in grades Pre K -2.

Is PBS Kids Scratch Jr free?

PBS KIDS ScratchJr is available for free to download on all Android and iOS devices.

Is PBS Kids Scratch Jr easy to use?

With distinct tutorials for the UI, paint editor, and block programming, features are demonstrated in a video tutorial and how-to graphics within the app. Children can run sample programmes under the lightbulb tab before modifying or creating their own.

How will students benefit?

Children can choose a narrative beginning or begin with a blank screen. They start with a blank screen, pick one or more characters, choose a background or make their own, and then click together commands to tell each character how to leap, move, turn, look, and more. To give their characters' voices, they can even record their noises. Characters and backgrounds have been picked for the narrative beginnings, along with pre-set directives. Kids can add more characters or edit the code in any way they like to make it their own. It automatically saves projects.

How will teachers benefit?

The programming game will be entertaining for teachers of early primary school-aged children, who are the typical viewers of the shows presented, but it will primarily serve as an introduction to clicking the blocks of code together rather than much training for programming logic. Children can use the sceneries and characters to inspire stories by giving them instructions.

How will parents benefit?

While moving characters with the fingers is feasible but do not promote learning to code, parents may want to direct children to concentrate on the code blocks instead.

What can PBS Kids Scratch Jr improve on?

No step-by-step guides or training manuals for youngsters to produce and learn from. Some kids might find the abundance of available characters and settings to be overwhelming because the interface is a little busier than those of other block-programming apps.

How much does PBS Kids Scratch Jr cost?

Final thoughts

Kids are introduced to coding through the use of their favourite characters from well-known children's shows and a kid-friendly block-programming language. Kids will quickly learn how to control the characters with the blocks, and the backdrops and narrative starters offer them a head start on making their shows. Beyond PBS Kids characters, there are additional fun and educational opportunities thanks to the tools for designing unique settings and characters.

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